Amish Sickle Bar Garden Hoe

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Amish Sickle Bar Garden Hoe


It is the authentic “Amish Garden Hoe” also known as a “Sickle Bar Hoe”. The business end is actually made out of a harden steel tooth used on sickle bar mowers. The sides are very sharp to easily slice through tough weeds and roots. 

The "V" shape makes quick rows for planting shallow seeds. Overall length is 59” Has a lacquered handle, metal parts are painted. It is the perfect hoe for quickly cutting the roots of weeds under the ground.  It is extremely light weight and easy to maneuver under delicate plants. 

We’ve had ours for over 25 years actual pictures of us using it in our garden; never have used a regular hoe in the garden since.


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USA Amish made. Ships oversized long box weight.



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