Amish Style Clothesline-Washline Pulley Kit

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Amish Style Clothesline-Washline Pulley Kit

If you have traveled the back roads in the Amish communities during wash day you can’t help but notice the creative pulley clotheslines normally attached to the back porch where the wash is done extending up to the peak of the barn. These lines may extend several hundred feet to dry all the wash at the same time.

Powder coated pulley sets are available in a kit. The 11” pulley with a brake fastens at the house while a 14” pulley fastens out at the barn peak or a tall post.  

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Washline spacers keep the lines from twisting as well as supporting from the top cable. Includes 3/16” cable clamps used to splice the cable. Add additional spacers using the drop down box. Recommend adding 2-4 more spacers for lines over 100'

Kit does not include the eyebolts to anchor the pulley on either end. These will need to be bolted into substantial solid framing to hold up to the weight of wet clothes and the wind.
This setup is hard to find as the brake is required to keep the clothes from rolling back down and falling to the ground.
Includes a 250' roll of 3/16” plastic coated cable and cable clamp. You may upgrade the kit to a 500' roll of cable using the drop down boxes. 
The area where the clamps will be used will need to have the plastic coating scraped off to the bare cable.
The kit includes:
Pulley Set #9536
Line Spacers #9539
250' 3/16" cable
2ea 3/16" cable clamps #20170
1ea Ratchet Tensioner #9541 (not pictured)
Does not include instructions, but simple enough to install with common mechanical knowledge.


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