401 Freezeless Water Hydrant

401 Freezeless Water Hydrant


Sustainable Farm Heavy Duty Stainless Outdoor Frost Proof Water Hydrant.

This Amish made stainless steel 401 Freezeless Frost Proof Water Hydrant is designed to last a lifetime. It is Ideal for commercial, municipal, military, government, parks, campgrounds, farm, and ranch, or any area needing access to a high volume outside water, yet protection from corrosive conditions and freezing temperatures.

Welcome to an innovative hydrant designed to perform and uphold years of vigorous use.  

Here it is!  The 401 Freezeless Hydrant is “The Hydrant.”  Enjoy the satisfaction.

A stainless foot valve and stainless standpipe make a perfect hydrant for areas subjected to salt water spray mist and corrosive soils. Read more below in the description

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401 Freezeless Water Hydrant

This hydrant was designed by “Plumber John” who has been supplying and serving plumbing needs for farmers and homeowners in Holmes County, Ohio vicinity for over 30 years. He was continually seeking a water hydrant that he could depend on and feel good about installing for his clients. Image a hydrant that won’t succumb to corrosion, is built to withhold years of use and weather and is simply dependable. Not finding the hydrant he was looking for, Plumber John decided to design his own. 

The 401 Hydrant is offered in either a 2’ or 3’ bury model, select the model depending on your freeze depth. The actual threaded stainless valve assembly is at the bottom of the pipe going into the ground. As the top lever is opened the stainless steel rod inside of the pipe housing opens the water flow through the valve. This valve will need to stay below the freeze zone thus, the 2’ or 3’ bury. The valve base will also need to have gravel, or sand surrounding it in order for the water left in the pipe to drain back down when it is shut off to prevent standing water left in the pipe from freezing.  

The 2' bury is approximately 58" long and the 3' bury is approximately 70" long. Both have a 1" bottom fed pipe thread.  A 6' bury is also available, e-mail us for a shipping quote and price.

The operating mechanism including the rod operating the underground stainless valve and the standpipe is all made of stainless steel. Other less expensive valves use cast iron handles with brass bushings, and either a steel or brass rod. In some soils, the old galvanized standpipes and brass valves quickly corrode and deteriorate within just a few years. Having all stainless for these vulnerable parts is a huge benefit.

This hydrant is ideal for areas exposed to salt water mist or other corrosive environments. The Stainless Pipe is Schedule 40 made from 304 Stainless Steel.

The yellow fixed valve head is made of cast iron; however, it has a durable powder coat finish, instead of just being painted.  

Once installed the top head unscrews allowing the rod assembly to be removed for replacement of the underground valve seat.

Other features include;

  •   Wide stainless steel rocker arm top for longevity and strength
  •   Smooth on and off effortless operation makes it very easy for children and the ladies to use
  •   Special stainless design wear points instead of brass
  •   Stainless steel inside rod instead of brass
  •   Stainless steel foot valve instead of brass.
  •   Removable packing without removing hydrant head

Use the available options with drop down boxes to select the 3' bury hydrant.

If you're looking for a hydrant for commercial or just frequent daily farm, ranch, nursery, or home use, this is the one you need. Don't waste your time and money on the standard cast iron versions.

Note: 3' Bury price also includes UPS upcharge for the dimensional package.



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Excellent hydrant
The absolute Cadillac of hydrants. As our current hydrants go bad on the farm, we are switching to these. The stainless steel parts are great and I have never had a problem during the coldest of Ohio winters. I can’t say enough good things about this hydrant; several tiers of quality above Woodford hydrants. Shipping was also very fast. Buy this hydrant, you won’t be sorry. Review by Dustin / (Posted on 7/25/2018)

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