Air Blower Dancing Scarecrow | Garden Bird & Horned Owl

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Air Blower Dancing Scarecrow | Garden Bird & Horned Owl


Air blower scarecrow, a dancing air-filled yellow sock with arms. Easy setup, scares pesky fruit robbing birds, and The Great Horned Owl Purple Martin Predators.

All in one 6’ tall dancing scarecrow designed for chasing away those pesky garden fruit robbers and the Great Horned Owl, a major predator of a Purple Martin colony.  

One customer writes, “this simple scarecrow running at night saved as many as 3 martins that were being lost every night to Great Horned Owls. That was the end of my Great Horned Owl problems.” 

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There is nothing more frustrating than to find that birds have pecked holes into your just ripe tomatoes and strawberries during the day or having Horned Owls preying on your Purple Martin families at night.

Making a mechanical moving scarecrow has never been as simple as making a stationary one. Stationary scarecrows only seem to work for a short period before the birds start landing on it as to tease you for going to all that trouble before they swoop down to take the next bite out of your prized crop.

Weather-resistant 110-volt air blower is easy to move around. This is a similar but much smaller and shorter 6’ version of the dancing air socks used for the advertising businesses. Designed to be seen by birds flying overhead and not to attract the attention of people driving by. This dancing scarecrow doesn’t distract away from the neighborhood.

Use an external timer if you plan on running at night or during the day. 

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