Aluminum Purple Martin House | Bontragers Eight Compartment

Aluminum Purple Martin House | Bontragers Eight Compartment


A very well made martin house using .030 thick white aluminum for years of service.

Similar to others selling for much more for a side entrance house even with the shipping!
In our quest to find a durable well-made martin house that would still be lightweight and affordable to ship we finally found them being made in Indiana.


Bontrager's Amish shop has been making and selling these in the local Amish communities for years with a great success in maintaining martin colonies.

He has designed his own Conley entrance hole that he calls the “Bell Hole Entrance”. Just like we discovered in our own martin houses he too noticed that the martins struggled with using the traditional Conley entrance and has been using this bell design for several years now without any starling issues.
Compartments are 11” tall and 6 W x 6 D with side open doors for easy cleaning.
The house comes fully assembled and ready to mount.  It includes the top mount perch rods that can be fastened to cover and protect the pulley top or screwed to the top of the martin house when it is post mounted.
Overall size 23 x 23 x 18-1/2” T.  The house weighs 25 lbs. Ships Dimensional weight at 70 Lbs.
If you would like to have some of his larger sizes just e-mail us so that we can obtain a truck freight quote. 
Does not include the post.
Because shipping the post is really cost prohibitive we offer three different post mount options for you to choose your own locally obtained mounting system materials.  
The center of the house has a square opening that contains a flat template to fit the post.
You may also choose a solid post mount without the hole in the center of the house.
Use the selection drop down boxes at the bottom of the page to select the type of post that you will be using.  Again this does not include the post, only the type of template that you will be using with your own post system.
Option 1 is for the house to be built to fit a 2” X 2” metal post as shown in the pictures. The Amish equip it with a winch and pulley system with the cable running up inside the post and over the top of a welded pulley. They use a schedule 40 square tube.  

Option 2 is for a 1-1/4 up to a 2” ID round post. This is probably the easiest mount to obtain but will need to be adapted to keep the house from turning in the wind. The easiest way to do this is to attach a short flat bar on one side of the post at the very top so that the template round hole template can be notched to engage it to keep the house from turning.  The bar will need to be cut to form an arrow point at the bottom so that it will self-align when the template first engages the bar. The winch and pulley system is used just like the square post.
Option 3 is for the house bottom and roof to be left solid for a post mount. This option works well with a fold over post system or when mounting several houses across a “T-Post Design”  You will need to add your own bolt-on mounting plate or bracket.  

Houses are made per order, please allow a 2-3 week ship time.

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