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Amish Style Clothesline-Wash line Pulley Kit

Amish Style Clothesline-Wash line Pulley Kit


Our Amish style Wash Line-Clothesline Pulley Kit is ideal for large families allowing the clothesline to extend out up to 150’ from the operator pulley. Operator pulley can be located just outside the laundry room door allowing clothes to all to be hung and removed from one standing location.

These systems are popular in the Amish communities who depend on clotheslines year-round.

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There is no need to shovel snow or wait for dry grounds to hang up the weekly wash.

If you have traveled the back roads in the Amish communities during wash day you can’t help but notice the creative pulley clotheslines normally attached to the back porch where the wash is done extending up to the peak of the barn. These lines may extend over 100 hundred feet to dry all the wash at the same time.

For smaller families or shorter spans less than 100’, we offer a less expensive Compact Wash Line-Clothesline Pulley Kit made of the same quality materials with smaller 8” wheels. Click Here for more information.

Wash line-Clothesline Pulley Kit Includes:

  • One- 12” Operator Pulley Assembly with spring lock
  • One- 16” Outbound Pulley Assembly
  • One- fixed Line Spacer


  • Spring lock 12” pulley
  • Ball-bearing hubs
  • Powder coating on metal parts
  • Non-Pinch Finger Guard and Cable Guides prevent pinched fingers and derailed cable.
  • High impact plastic wheels designed for outdoor use. (Same as used on scooters and carts)

Note: the spring lock on the operator pulley is a manually operated spring-loaded pin that locks in between the wheel spokes. 

The kit does not include cable, ratchet, additional line spacers, or space docking station, order as needed using the drop-down boxes. 

The kit also does not include eyebolts or other mounting hardware needed to fasten each end of the pulleys.

Up to 150,’ maximum spacing recommended. Double the cable space and then add 3' for rounding the pulleys. For the spacing of 100,’ you will need 203’ of cable. The cable will come with one end already attached to the ratchet if the ratchet and cable are ordered. Use 3/16" O.D. clear nylon cable purchase locally or order using the drop-down box.

Recommended use of line spacers every 30’-40’. The initial fixed spacer sent with the kit will be 14 ½” long to match up with the outbound pulley spacing. All other spacers will be 11 1/8” long to hold the lines closer together. Wash line spacers keep the lines from twisting as well as supporting from the top cable. Spacers are made of aluminum with a plastic roller and zinc plated snaps.

Optional spacer docking station mounts on the operator pulley and neatly aligns the spacers up so that they do not interfere with the operator pulley when the clothes are being retrieved.  Recommended if you will have over 3 spacers.

The ratchet is attached to the fixed spacer so that it does not interfere with the pulleys.

Purchase the optional elevator pole to raise and lower the operator pulley allowing the lines to be raised up 4’ and out of the way when drying and then lowered when hanging or removing clothes. This option is not necessarily needed especially if the operator pulley is located next to an already elevated deck or porch. If the operator pulley will be at ground level then the elevator system might be a good idea to keep the laundry up and out of the way from curious kids and pets or other pests that may try and pull off laundry items.

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