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Growing Herbs

Growing Herbs

Featuring reference books on growing herbs for home and as a business income.

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  1. Uses of Wild Plants, The

    Frank Tozer

    A must-have for foragers, botanists, herbalists, gardeners, permaculturalist, and anyone who wants to learn more about wild plants, this insightful gui... Learn More

  2. The Beauty of Herbs

    Herbs. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and culinary and medicinal value-offering a myriad of uses! Think about it, they touch nearly every aspect of our lives, from food to toothpaste. And why not? These... Learn More

  3. Medicinal Herbs in the Garden, Field, & Marketplace

    Lee Sturdivant and Tim Blakely

    The authors take you step-by-step from your garden or field into the marketplace of medicinal herbs. Includes complete details on gr... Learn More

  4. Home Grown Herbs | Growing 101 Herbs That Heal

    Home Grown Herbs is the revised replacement book for Growing 101 Herbs That Heal by Tammi Hartung.

    In Home Grown Herbs Hartung expands on her 30-year career shar... Learn More
  5. Herb Mixtures & Spicy Blends

    Maggie Oster

    Use spice rubs and herb blends to flavor foods without adding fat or calories. Here are more than 100 recipes gathered from herb shops & herb farm... Learn More

  6. Growing & Using Herbs Successfully

    Betty E. M. Jacobs

    With home-grown herbs come the promise of flavor, scent, healing, and beauty. Open your garden to the beauty of herbs and the rewards will be ma... Learn More

  7. Edible Wild Plants and Herbs

    This just may be the ultimate survival handbook!

    Pamela Michael  
    Learn More

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