Sustainable Agriculture Books

Sustainable Agriculture Books

Sustainable Agriculture books on sustainable gardening and farming techniques being practiced by Amish organic farmers and gardeners.

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  1. Complete Book of Garlic, The

    Ted Jordan Meredith

    This comprehensive, illustrated guide includes information on natural history, cultural usage, therapeutic benefits, and notes on how to grow a... Learn More

  2. Complete Compost Gardening Guide, The

    Pleasant and Martin

    Turn the compost bin upside down! Keep compost heaps right in the garden with your plants. Your garden will require less digging, weeding, mulc... Learn More

  3. Crop Rotation on Organic Farms


    An in-depth look at using crop rotations to improve soil and manage pests, diseases, and weeds, based on the latest research and consultations with organic fa... Learn More

  4. Eco-Farm

    Charles Walters

    Eco-Farming . . . the truly sophisticated system of agriculture that is replacing the chemical amateurism that has run rampant for 50 years. It tak... Learn More

  5. Ecology for Gardeners

    Steven B. Carrol & Steven D. Salt

    Even a relatively small garden is a miniature ecosystem. Citing hundreds of examples drawn from personal experience & far... Learn More

  6. Edible Wild Plants and Herbs

    This just may be the ultimate survival handbook!

    Pamela Michael  
    Learn More
  7. Fertility Farming

    Newman Turner

    Fertility Farming explores an approach to farming that makes minimal use of plowing, eschews chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and emphasizes soil... Learn More

  8. Fertility Pastures

    Newman Turner

    In Fertility Pastures, Turner details his methods of intensive pasture-based production of beef & dairy cows in a practical guide to profitable, ... Learn More

  9. Fletcher Sims Compost

    Fletcher Sims Compost. Charles Walters Covers the optimal conditions for converting plant & animal wastes into compost by balancing the correct ratio of raw materials, correct microorganisms, and moisture, p... Learn More

  10. Flower Gardener Bible, The

    Flower Gardener Bible, The

    Lewis and Nancy Hill

    Here’s all the inspiration and advice you need for a beautifu... Learn More

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