Chicken Coop & Nest Box

Chicken Coop & Nest Box

Rollaway egg roll out chicken nesting boxes, chicken coops, feeders, poultry feather plukers, killing cones and poultry processing equipment.

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  1. Chicken Coops

    Judy Pangman

    Just like houses, chicken coops come in all sizes & styles to meet the needs of every chicken keeper. Here are plans, elevation drawings, and basi... Learn More

  2. Chicken Nesting Box | Rollaway Egg Nest

    Now available as a front or rear collection nest box!  

    This is our two-compartment roller egg chicken nesting box. A fo... Learn More

  3. Chicken Rollaway Egg Nesting Box 4 Compartment

    Available as a front or rear egg collection nest box!

    Our second most popular heavy-duty Amish made four-comp... Learn More

  4. Rollaway Nest Box 8 Compartment Double Layer

    Available as a front or rear egg collection box!

    Our most popular heavy-duty Amish made eight compartment roller egg nesting boxes... Learn More

  5. Chicken-Poultry-Butcher-Killing-Cone

    Now an easy and quick way to handle and butcher chickens and other similar sized poultry. 

    Some call this a killing cone. It is a sheet metal cone built to ha... Learn More

  6. Elavated | Chicken | Poultry Feeder

    Self-Sufficient Sustainable Living Backyard Poultry Feeder.

    Our chicken and poultry feeder measures 46” long 20-1/2 wide across the roost and 17” to th... Learn More

  7. Outdoor Food Cooker | Canner

    Wood-fired or optional LP Gas Burner fired outdoor 30-gallon cooker, will heat and cook up to 26 Gallons.

    Additional size 40-gallon model to cook up to 36 Gallon... Learn More
  8. Rollaway Egg Nest Box With Flaps

    Regular Price: $230.95

    Special Price $165.95

    USA Amish manufactured! Community commercial grade chicken nesting boxes have been a proven design for over a decade of use by commercial and backyard egg producers within the Amish communities.  <... Learn More
  9. Rollaway Egg Nest Box 48 Inch Side View

    Regular Price: $304.95

    Special Price $225.95

    Rollaway Nesting boxes provide a cleaner more sanitary environment, increase production, protect eggs from damage, and reduce labor time.

    USA Amish manufac... Learn More
  10. Rollaway Chicken Nest Box Colony 24

    The 24” Colony Rollaway Nest Box is perfect for small coops handling up to 25 hens. Used as a rear collection the nest box hangs outside the coop or chicken tractor taking up zero space inside. Uses no lay... Learn More

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