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  1. Alternative Treatment for Ruminant Animals

    Paul Dettloff D.V.M.

    Dr. Dettloff provides farmers and veterinarians alike with methods of care that are practical, acceptable for organic operations, and most imp... Learn More

  2. Barn Guide to Treating Dairy Cows Naturally

    Hubert J. Karreman, V.M.D.

    A hands-on barn and field guide designed for quick and easy use, presenting a thorough examination of animals in the barn and then listi... Learn More

  3. Cattle Footcare and Claw Trimming

    E. Toussaint Raven Dairy cow lameness with its appalling costs, both financial to the farmer and in suffering to the animal, has come to be regarded as an occupational ailment of dairy cows wherever they are kep... Learn More

  4. Cattle Lameness and Hoofcare

    Roger Blowey

    Lameness and overgrown feet are a major economic and welfare problem in dairy cattle. Veterinarian Roger Blowey gives the reader a thorough understand... Learn More

  5. Herd Bull Fertility

    James E. Drayson

    This text offers the information necessary to confidently determine whether a prospective herd sire is fertile, sub-fertile, or sterile. During th... Learn More

  6. Herdsmanship

    Newman Turner

    In this book, Turner explains that livestock illness is a result of bad farming practices and that real livestock health begins with true natural far... Learn More

  7. Homeopathy for the Herd

    C. Edgar Sheaffer, V.M.D.

    In this breakthrough book, Dr. Sheaffer passes along his hard-earned knowledge—in language farmers can understand—of how to c... Learn More

  8. Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production

    Glen Dupress, D.V.M.

    In this practical and fascinating manual, the theories and principles of classical homeopathy are specifically tailored to organic livestock p... Learn More

  9. Horse Doctor is In, The

    Brent Kelley, D.V.M

    In a warm conversational style, Brent Kelley - an experienced veterinarian from Kentucky, the heart of horse country - writes about horse healt... Learn More

  10. Horse Health Care and First Aid

    You want your horse to thrive, and you would like to handle as much of his health care as possible on your own. Now you can do just that with this sturdy, flip-open guide to all the basic equine health procedure... Learn More

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