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  1. Cattle Lameness and Hoofcare

    Roger Blowey

    Lameness and overgrown feet are a major economic and welfare problem in dairy cattle. Veterinarian Roger Blowey gives the reader a thorough understand... Learn More

  2. Family Cow, The

    Dirk van Loon

    Covering everything from choosing your cow to feeding, caring for, and milking it, this book provides all the basics for the family that has decided ... Learn More

  3. Grass-Fed Cattle

    Julius Ruechel

    As more consumers discover the benefits of grass-fed beef - sustainable, delicious, healthy, antibiotic and hormone-free - demand continues to grow.... Learn More

  4. Herd Bull Fertility

    James E. Drayson

    This text offers the information necessary to confidently determine whether a prospective herd sire is fertile, sub-fertile, or sterile. During th... Learn More

  5. Natural Cattle Care

    Pat Coleby

    Natural Cattle Care encompasses every facet of farm management, from the mineral components of the soils cattle graze over, to issues of fencing, shelte... Learn More

  6. Raising Beef Cattle

    Heather Smith Thomas

    For everyone from new farmers to experienced ranchers, Heather Smith Thomas provides the expert advice you can rely on to keep your herd healt... Learn More

  7. Small-Scale Livestock Farming

    Carol Ekarius

    Small farms can pay big dividends, Ekarius explains, but hard work alone isn’t enough: Success demands knowledge and effective management. Ekar... Learn More

  8. The Dairy Record | Complete Dairy Paper-Diary-Journal

    Record-Keeping made easy for the busy Dairyman.

    This old-fashioned paper journal provides detailed information for up to 60 cows in a dairy cow herd. Learn More

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