Hand Pull Wagons

Hand Pull Wagons

Utility wagons, hand pull, ATV or Tractor Pull. Heavy Amish made aluminum dump carts, wire mesh nursery wagons, garden carts.

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  1. Wagon Running Gear Kit

    Wagon running gear 600 lb capacity. Use for small wagons, goat carts, equipment carts and more.

    G-800A Complete Wagon Running Gear. Build your own custom wagon lik... Learn More

  2. Wagon Frame and Wheel Kit

    Wagon running gear in sizes from 34” – 92” wide wheelbases for building 2000 lb. capacity farm, garden, industrial wagons, chicken coops, and pony carts. Unique bolt-on frames come in front and... Learn More

  3. Reproduction Studebaker Junior Wagon | Unfinished | Finished

    Reproduction Studebaker Wagon. Now you can own an exact replica of the old-time Studebaker Junior kid’s farm wagon.

    USA Amish made wagon is so exact in det... Learn More
  4. Pony Cart Wagon Gear and Hardware Kit

    Now an affordable way to have a fun pony cart without having to pay the truck freight! You supply the wood and we supply the wagon gear and hardware. 

    Pony Ca... Learn More

  5. Poly Dump Wagon-Trailer

    4-wheel tandem axle heavy-duty poly dump wagon 8 cubic feet of pure USA Amish ingenuity. This is a serious working dump wagon that will haul as much as you want to pull. The poly tub is ¼” thick and... Learn More

  6. Nursery Wagon Model 980 | Flat Metal Mesh Wagon

    These nursery wagons have been a  popular wagon for such nursery stock transport but can be used for all types of farm and ranch chores. 

    Commercial duty... Learn More

  7. Nursery Wagon Model 680 | Flat Metal Mesh Wagon

    Wire Mesh Nursery 1100 lb Capacity Wagon. A popular easy-rolling wagon for nursery stock transport and all types of farm and ranch chores. 

    Commercial duty, U... Learn More

  8. Nursery Wagon Model 580 | Flat Metal Mesh Wagon

    Heavy-Duty four-wheel wire mesh 800 lb capacity wagon. A very popular wagon for nursery stock, farm, and ranch hay and bagged feed transport.

    Commercial duty, USA ... Learn More

  9. Model 800 Express Wagon

    Old Fashioned Amish USA Made Kids Express Wagon. Makes a perfect yard and garden chore wagon.

     Amish Model 800 Express Wagon Features:

      ... Learn More
  10. Model 1200 Wagon Running Gear Kit

    Wagon running gear, 1200 lb capacity with 16" wheels. Use for hobby farm wagon, pony cart, and more.

    Available with several wheel options including wooden spoke wh... Learn More

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