Utility Carts

Utility Carts

Heavy Duty yard, garden, firewood, generator, sprayer, aluminum and fiberglass Amish made utility carts.

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  1. Brick-Firewood Flat Wood Slat Industrial USA Wheelbarrow

    USA handcrafted Ash hardwood flatbed slat industrial duty wheelbarrow. Use for the farm, home, industry, or the trades. This slat wheelbarrow is built for some serious ha... Learn More

  2. Double Shelf Expandable Metal Nursery Cart

    Made in the USA, commercial duty expandable metal double shelf nursery shopping cart measures 21” x 40”. Flat-free 10” rubber tires mounted on quality wheels and swivels roll over common nurser... Learn More

  3. EZ 85 Fiberglass Tub Wet Material Cart

    Imagine the uses for this heavy duty fiberglass tub on two wheels. White gel coat finish makes the cart easy to clean. Perfect for farm and garden, orchards, industrial plants, food scrap removal, s... Learn More
  4. Amish Made EZ Motorized Wheelbarrow

    An affordable motorize wheelbarrow for the home farm, ranch, and small contractors.

    USA Amish manufactured motorized 10 cubic feet four-wheel wheelbarrow.... Learn More
  5. Firewood Hauler | Firewood cart

    Self-Sufficient Living, USA Aluminum Firewood Hauler, Firewood Cart.

    An easy rolling all aluminum cart made to haul firewood. Made from aluminum tubing which,... Learn More

  6. Heavy Duty Aluminum Large Dump Wagon

    Our Most Popular Dump Cart!

    Our Large heavy welded aluminum dump wagon holds 12 cubic fe... Learn More

  7. Heavy Duty Aluminum Medium Dump Wagon

    Our medium size heavy welded aluminum dump wagon holds 9 cubic feet!

    Tub measures 27” x 48” x 13” deep  A deeper tub perfect for mulch and... Learn More
  8. Large Generator Cart

    Sustainable Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Living, Large Aluminum Generator/Equipment Cart. Made for Honda EU3000 Generators

    Large Generator Cart has space for a  2... Learn More

  9. Model 1200 Wagon Running Gear Kit

    Wagon running gear, 1200 lb capacity with 16" wheels. Use for hobby farm wagon, pony cart, and more.

    Available with several wheel options including wooden spoke wh... Learn More

  10. Nursery Wagon Model 580 | Flat Metal Mesh Wagon

    These nursery wagons have been a  popular wagon for such nursery stock transport but can be used for all types of farm and ranch chores. 

    Commercial duty... Learn More

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