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Wagons & Barrows

Wagons & Barrows

Wagons & barrows, Amish handcrafted old fashioned wagons and wheelbarrows. Reproduction wagons and wheelbarrows are so authentic they are being used on movie sets.

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  1. Replica Replacement Wood Spoke Wheelbarrow Wheel

    By popular request, we offer both the replacement metal or wooden spoke wheels and hardware kits used on our authentic reproduction full-scale wheelbarrows. These wheelbarrows are so close to the originals that ... Learn More

  2. Old Fashion Reproduction Large Wooden Produce Cart

    Bring back the old-time wood spoke wheel produce cart for a store and décor displays. These old-time two-wheel carts were commonly used in the early 1900s by street vendors to display fresh produce and wa... Learn More

  3. Nursery Wagon Model 980 | Flat Metal Mesh Wagon

    These nursery wagons have been a popular wagon for such nursery stock transport but can be used for all types of farm and ranch chores. 

    Commercial duty USA M... Learn More

  4. Nursery Wagon Model 680 | Flat Metal Mesh Wagon

    Wire Mesh Nursery 1100 lb. Capacity Wagon. A popular easy-rolling wagon for nursery stock transport and all types of farm and ranch chores. 

    Commercial duty U... Learn More

  5. Nursery Wagon Model 580 | Flat Metal Mesh Wagon

    Heavy-Duty four-wheel wire mesh 800 lb capacity wagon. A very popular wagon for nursery stock, farm, and ranch hay and bagged feed transport.

    Commercial duty USA M... Learn More

  6. Model 800 Express Wagon

    Old Fashioned Amish USA Made Kids Express Wagon. Makes a perfect yard and garden chore wagon.

     Amish Model 800 Express Wagon Features:

      ... Learn More
  7. Model 1200 Wagon Running Gear Kit

    Wagon running gear, 1200 lb. capacity with 16" wheels. Use for hobby farm wagon, pony cart, and more.

    Available with several wheel options including wooden spoke w... Learn More

  8. Model 1000 Express Wagon

    Old Fashioned Amish Reproduction Kids Express Wagon. Available with a goat or miniature pony shaft or tractor pull tongue.

    The Amish Model 1000 Express Play and Ch... Learn More

  9. Miniature Replica Goat Wagons

    Miniature size scaled goat wagons are Amish handcrafted to provide a nice accent to the exterior or interior of a home, office, or retail business without taking up a great deal of space. Use them to add a bit o... Learn More

  10. Miniature Replica Authentic Wheelbarrow

    This mini version of our authentic wheelbarrow has stunning details that will capture a second look at smaller flower beds and outdoor spaces. Just a little touch of ... Learn More

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