Bailing Wire Clamping Tool, Haywire Klamper

Bailing Wire Clamping Tool, Haywire Klamper


Must have, a simple hand wire tightening tool using wire to form hose clamps, emergency equipment, tool handle, repairs, building survival gear, and shelters.

Bond together objects anywhere any place in minutes using nothing but a length of 15 gauge or thinner wire. 

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While many have joked over the years about making repairs using baling wire and duct tape, this little tool just might save your life or at least keep you going to get you back home in an emergency breakdown.

Features a powder-coated pocket-size wire winder that puts the clamp to and around almost any object(s). The problem with using just baling wire by itself is there is really no way to make it tight enough to hold.

The Haywire Klamper noses into a wire loop and then grabs the wire tails to pull them in snug around the object(s) needing to be bonded together.

Other wire clamp tools on the market depend on a small wing nut to apply the pressure needed to clamp down on the projects.  The Haywire Klamper uses a large turn handle like an old-fashioned can opener to really apply the needed pressure for a strong bond.

You select the strength of the clamp by the number of wraps around the object(s). One wrap is sufficient to clamp two boards together for gluing or two or three wraps might be needed to repair a garden tool handle or make an emergency radiator hose clamp.

While the Haywire Klamper makes obvious hose clamps and handle repairs, there’s no limit to the size of the clamp so you can bound a small bundle of firewood, strap together with a broken weld on farm machinery, secure a tailpipe, car bumper. Even gather up your own straw, corn stocks, or other materials to bind for animals or décor.  

Gluing together round objects like broken spindles or octagon posts can be a challenge with regular glue clamps. The Haywire Klamper applies the needed pressure to hold wooden parts together until the glue dries. Simply use some cardboard to protect the wood underneath the wires.

Just imagine being stuck in the wilderness and needing to make an emergency shelter, hunting spear, or even a set of crutches. With just sticks and the Haywire Klamper system, you can clamp together all sorts of handy survival tools and shelters.

Fishermen will appreciate having the Haywire Klamper aboard when they break a fishing rod, need to make emergency bilge pump hose repairs, or strap down a broken hatch latch.

Farmers will appreciate the clamp system when they are needing to get the corps in and have an equipment breakdown.

The standard Haywire Klamper comes with the powder-coated twisting tool a roll of wire, a sample wrap for reference and instructions. You will need a set of wire cutters to keep with the kit, they are not included.

The twisting tool is made to last a lifetime. Replacement wire may be easily sourced from hardware and farm stores locally. You will need to keep some wire cutters with your kit to cut the length of wire needed.

Purchase more than one kit and keep in multiple locations.

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