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Barn Door Hardware | USA Eight Foot Sliding Hardware

Barn Door Hardware | USA Eight Foot Sliding Hardware


Spacing saving sliding barn doors has become immensely popular. Our authentic reproduction barn door hardware is heavy-duty commercial grade all USA Amish made!

Now featured on many home improvement shows barn door style sliding doors provide privacy and quickly open to access other rooms, closets, and even entertainment systems.

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Our sliding barn door hardware kits come in four different trolley wheel styles to fit a variety of decorator styles. 

Our kits include the 2” track, (2) trolleys, mounting system, track-mounted stops, anti-jump plates, screws, and a choice between an adjustable floor guide in either a floor or wall mount option or the floor-mounted T-guide.

If selected, the T-guide will come with an aluminum channel to mortise into the bottom of the door to glide over the floor-mounted “T” Bracket. The mortise will need to be 7/16” wide times ½” deep. This provides a sawdust free wear guide. 

The kits do not include the doors pictured, optional door handles, or additional wall or floor mount doorstops. Most just use the doors without handles. The track has built-in door stops additional wall or floor mount door stops are used if the doors need to stop quickly or will be subjected to the doors being shoved back hard such as rental properties or kid's rooms. Select optional accessories using the drop-down boxes.

Optional sliding door privacy latches may be mounted either on the door or door jam. The catch plate may be mortised or surface-mounted as shown in the pictures.

You will find that Amish made products are made to last using thicker and heavier metal parts.

Barn door hardware can be used outdoors in traditional barn settings. Sliding barn doors also provide perfect security and hurricane shutters to slide over doors and windows on businesses and weekend cottages.

Sliding barn door hardware is an ideal installation for wide heavy doors. It’s virtually impossible to hang an extra-wide door on hinges without the door eventually sagging. Trolley mounted hangers distribute the door weight evenly.

Price begins with the Strap style trolley and incrementally increases as the pulley, Horseshoe, or Wagon Wheel style trolley is selected. The Wagon Wheel style uses a 6" wheel while the others have 2" wheels.

Note: The Horseshoe trolley may be further enhanced for rustic barn and ranch settings by adding the optional horseshoes.  Select the standard horseshoe style or enhanced horseshoe style.

Select either black or nickel powder-coated finish.

Sizing Barn Door Hardware

It is recommended to have a 1”-2” overlap over the opening size on each side to engage the floor guides and fully cover any side views.  Wider doors can be used over smaller openings to give a more visual balance to a room. This also provides more options in using reclaimed doors without having to cut them down.

The 8-foot hardware kit will handle a 4’ door, up to a 46” opening. Install to pull from either right or left of the opening. Order the double kit using the drop-down box to handle two 4’ doors or one solid 8' door with four trolleys for up to a 94” door opening. The double door kit will incrementally add to the price of the single door. The kit includes a splice bracket to connect the two-track sections making it a bit more than the single door kit.

The area to the side of the door space will need to accommodate the width of the door in the open position. 

Click Here to see all our popular sizes. Smaller and larger sizes, as well as custom colors, are available, just drop us an e-mail.

Select door thickness of 1-3/8”, 1-3/4” of 2-1/4” to have the correct rail standoff brackets.

The track will come predrilled to mount on 12” centers.  The track will need to lag bolt into a solid wood header, blocking, or be mounted on a ¾” x 4-1/2” surface mounted board securely screwed into the studs. 

If a ¾” board is used at the top, then a ¾” board will then be needed on each side of the doorway opening to cover the additional spacing. If the doorway is already trimmed, then either the surface mounted board will be needed to compensate for the trim or the trim will need to be removed.

Minimum top clearance and weight rating for each trolley style.   

The Wagon Wheel, Pulley, and Strap Hardware Trolley set for one door will support up to a 250 lb. door. The Horseshoe Trolley will support up to a 350 lb. door. (Weight rating is based on using the supplied lag screws mounted into the solid wood above the doors to support the track).

The Wagon Wheel Trolley requires a minimum of 10” from the top of the finished door to the ceiling or another obstacle like an overhead beam. The other three styles require a minimum of 8” clearance.

Please Note: Restocking parts are very labor-intensive and often requires new powder coating due to scratches. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returned hardware. The original shipping cost is not refundable.

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