Burn barrel bottom grate, draft, and ash door kit

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Burn barrel bottom grate, draft, and ash door kit


Our burn barrel bottom draft grate and door provide the essential airflow needed to adequately burn stacked pages and papers.

While others will sell a scrap of wire mesh, our bottom grate is nice enough to use over a campfire. Heavy-duty 21-5/8 diameter bottom grate with legs to elevate it 6” off the barrel bottom to allow ashes to clear and then a bolt-on 12” x 6” ash and draft door that provides a generous 10” x 5” opening cut out of the barrel to scoop out the ashes. The ash and draft door latches with a magnetic latch.

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Our burn barrel kits have become very popular. Please expect 3-4 weeks to ship.

The bottom grate is equipped with a ring that can be used with a fire poker to lift out for further cleaning. A chain can also be fastened to the ring and then bolted to the barrel near the top to pull out the grate. The chain can also be whipped around to stir up papers using welder’s or BBQ heat resistant gloves.

We still sell just the burn barrel to grate lid separately as many have found various other uses for them in manufacturing and other industries. Click Here for just the lid. For the complete top grate lid, bottom draft grate, and ash door Click Here.

Disclaimer Note: Buyer assumes all risk, Cottage Craft Works LLC nor the manufacturer assumes any liability for the outcomes using this grate kit. No guarantees either written, assumed or implied are provided that the grate kit will prevent all embers from escaping or of any personal injuries that may occur during the use and handling of the grate kit parts.

Common sense still needs to prevail not to handle the top with bare hands when hot, or to burn when curious children are present, or when conditions are extremely, windy, dry, or during fire bands set by local jurisdictions.

You should check with your state, and local authorities on the use of outdoor burn barrels regarding, restrictions, prohibitions, permits, and other requirements.

No cover is full proof. Embers may still be released while adding more refuse or logs to a burning fire and small embers and or sparks may still float through the grate holes regardless of the mesh sizing.

Open fires should have constant supervision and should never be left unattended. Water sources should be readily available to extinguish any flare-ups caused by embers.

You should be sure new barrels are clean from chemicals and residues that may produce toxic fumes when burned. Stay on the windward side of the barrel and note downwind exposure risk before burning. Initial burn off the paint on the barrel and powder coated grate should occur so that the wind carries any toxic smoke away from humans, animals or structures. Only burn papers, cardboard, and clean non-processed wood materials. Plastics and other materials such as treated wood scraps may produce toxic fumes. Cardboard bindings and inks in papers may still produce toxins in smoke when burned and should not be breathed directly.

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