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Country Ice Cream Freezer | 20-Quart Electric Motor Powered

Country Ice Cream Freezer | 20-Quart Electric Motor Powered


One of our most popular Ice Cream freezers! 

A neat compact unit that is all self-contained on a rolling cart using no belts or pulleys. The 20-qt Country Ice Cream Freezer with electric motor conversion utilizes a heavy-duty angle gearbox equipped with a direct drive shaft connector.

The unit is International friendly as well, featuring a Dual voltage motor capable of operating on 110/220 volts 60/50Hz single-phase power.

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20-qt Country Ice Cream Freezer with Electric Motor Conversion.

White Oak Tub with stainless steel adjustable bands, or available with an all-poly tub at no additional cost. This takes the worries out of potential leakage due to the drying out of the wood staves.

As with all wooden tub ice cream freezers the wood tub must be maintained to prevent wood shrinkage in dry atmospheres and not stored in hot and dry garages and attics to prevent shrinkage that will lead to leakage.  If the container is used only periodically a routine should be established to fill with water to maintain the staves. The manufacturer does not warrant the ice cream freezer tubs from leakage. Normally filling with hot water will return the staves back to fitting tightly and stop leakage.

The 20-qt freezer with the large gear frame will be too top-heavy to try and dump. The ice and water mixture will need to be scooped out between batches for the can to sit down in the tub. A long handle saucepan works well followed by a small pan to reach the remainder. An AC saltwater marine bilge pump could be used if there is time to allow the ice to melt before a new batch is made. 

Features Stainless Steel Dasher.

Handy Amp Meter shows when the motor is pulling the max amps which, is a key indicator of when the ice cream is ready. (meter not pictured)

Dual voltage motor operates on 110/220 volts 60/50Hz Single Phase. The motor is wired for 110 volts with a standard US grounded plug. International customers will need to move the wire lug over to the 220 terminal sides and switch to a 220-volt electrical plug used in your country.

Why Country Freezers are your best quality purchase:

  • Amish handcrafted (the old-time quality, company does not try to compete with imports)
  • Tall design for optimum freezing
  • Extra-heavy seamless-stainless steel can
  • Rustproof manganese-bronze housing
  • Rustproof zinc gears (stainless-steel available upgrade on 20-qt)
  • White Oak wooden tub (the same used to make whiskey and other barrels)
  • Adjustable stainless-steel tub straps (three of them to keep the tub staves tight)
  • Stainless-steel shaft & handle
  • Stainless-steel dasher on the 8 & 20-qt models
  • ¼-turn slide latch (positive locking)
  • All stainless-steel fittings (nothing to rust)
  • Should last a lifetime
  • 5-year warranty on all stainless-steel parts

Other Freezer Information

The wood tub is 21" H x 17-5/8" top diameter x 15-5/8" bottom diameter.

The total height of the machine is 30-3/4". The platform dolly measures 28" x 18".

Stainless Steel Can measures 9-1/4” Diameter x 17-7/8” tall and holds approximately 5.1 gallons of liquid, most people will make 4 to 4-1/2 gallons of ice cream so it does not overflow. On average 2 gallons of mix makes 4 gallons of ice cream.

Ice cream will take between 15-45 minutes depending on factors such as salt/brine ratio, first batch or repeat batch, recipe, etc.

The motor runs at 1725 RPM on 110 Volts and then is reduced to the recommended 60-80 RPM through the gearbox.

Crate size is 48" x 48" x 36" weighing 209 lbs.

Note: The Country 20 qt freezer complies with NSF/ANSI2 and is certified by NSF International. The NSF stamp is no longer required on the parts and consequently, there is no longer an additional fee. If needed, we can obtain a copy of the NSF certification for commercial applications.

The freezer will need to be sent truck freight. Select shipping options East or West of the Mississippi River based on a commercial business address with a loading dock or forklift, (most economical), or to a residential address. Farms and home-based businesses, or businesses without commercial truck delivery or requiring a liftgate are considered residential address rates.

International customers will want to use a US-based International shipping agent like These types of agents specialize in International shipping with negotiated rates much lower than we can provide through our domestic shipping companies. Truck freight will still be required from the factory in Pennsylvania to your shipping agent's US destination.

The unit will come with grease in the gear frame. Use the drop-down box at the top of the page to add a 14 oz tube of food-grade grease for the gearbox for ongoing lubrication every 10-15 uses. The tube fits a regular grease gun.

The gearbox will come full of oil, using 15.4 oz SAE 80W-90 gear oil. Note: with the mounting of the gearbox on the side the sight glass will not give an accurate reading. Check the level when the freezer is received and maintain it at that level if needed.

Already have a Country 20-qt Freezer, Click Here if interested in just the Direct Drive Motor Kit.

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