Country USA Ice Cream Freezer Electric Motor

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Country USA Ice Cream Freezer Electric Motor


Sorry out of stock until late September. Orders will be collected and shipped as they were received.

Made in the USA old-fashioned quality Country Ice Cream Freezer electric motor. Electric motor head and gear frame replace other hand crank and electric heads.  

Fits Country Freezers 4, 6, and 8-qt sizes, it will also fit Immergood 4 and 6 qt sized fiberglass tubs with some modifications and, Lifetime 6 and 8-qt sizes that use an 11-5/8”-11-3/4” top diameter tub.

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For those looking for an alternative old-fashioned quality made in the USA ice cream freezer electric motor head. Country Freezer electric head gears and casting are handcrafted in the USA in small batches. Thus, the price doesn’t reflect mass production using cheap parts and overseas labor. Be sure to check out or low flat rate shipping for customers in the Continental US.

Developed by an Amish company frustrated with the breakdown of imported ice cream freezers that were spiraling down in quality. The Country Freezer electric head is not built with planned obsolescence in mind, rather they are built to just work over an extended time. Considering the Amish love homemade ice cream as much 3 and 4 times a week, you know like most Amish made products the Country Freezer electric motor head is just over the top.

Durable power-coated casted gear frame. The motor draws an average rated 2.5 Amps using standard 110-115 AC at 60 Hz voltage. Amperage will be lower at the start and then increases as the ice cream hardens toward the end. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Note: The motor will not fit the 8-qt and 6-qt poly Immergood Ice Cream Freezers. The Immergood 8-qt is made wider to accommodate a wider freezer can for scooping out the ice cream. The poly tubs used on the all stainless steel Immergood 6-qt freezers are also made wider than the motor will fit. To determine if you have a fiberglass or poly tub you can see the fibers on the fiberglass tub and measure across the tub ear to tub latch to verify 11-5/8" distance. The Poly tub will be a solid green with no fibers and will measure closer to 12".

The older 6-qt Immergood fiberglass tub that will need the tub latch replaced with a Country tub latch and the tub ear top opening may need to be filed upward in order for the Country motor ear to fully drop down and latch. It will fit on the same bolt as the Immergood tub latch. Click Here to order the tub latch. 

Lifetime 6 and 8-qt ice cream freezer tub latches and tub ears may also need some adjusting and filing in the inlets for the motor to fit and latch. 

Note: Some customers have told us that the Country motor is much noisier than their traditional electric motor. This is normal and a reflection of the heavier duty gearbox. The gearbox comes with a grease zerk to add one squirt of a food-grade grease recommended between 10-20 uses with either a grease gun or removing the grease zerk and using a squeeze tube. The heavier the use, such as making several batches in a row vs. making an occasional family batch will dictate the higher frequency of adding grease. The unit will come greased but additional grease is not supplied. Many hardware and restaurant supply stores carry food-grade grease. You may also add a 14 oz tube of food-grade grease that will fit a standard grease gun using the drop-down box.

We also sell Amish USA quality Immergood tub latch and tub ears as well as a tub center for replacement of White Mountain parts. These will significantly upgrade your older model ice cream freezer and hold your new motor securely in place. Click Here to see all parts.

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