Custom Wood Burning

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Custom Wood Burning


Exceptional Custom Wood Burning Artwork. So detailed you will think it's a real picture. No laser engraving!

At Cottage Craft Works we like handcrafted items completed by highly skilled craftsmen. The Amish gentleman who also does the hand carving on our gun stocks is just as talented with wood burning, oil painting, or engraving into metal and other objects.

If you would like to have your favorite photo, hunt scene, the picture of a family pet, our skilled artisan can duplicate your photo or image in wood by either wood burning or hand carving. 

Please e-mail us pictures or sketches with requested sizing for a custom quote.


At one time or another, you have probably used or had a wood burning art kit in your home, and know just firsthand the difficulty of doing the fine lines to bring out the detail in wood burning artwork. 

The art of wood burning is also known as Pyrography, from the Greek “writing with fire pur” and “graphos” meaning writing is an ancient art and written communication form dating back to the early ages where fire was the mainstay of an individual’s daily ritual from cooking, staying warm, making items or entertainment. Originally people would heat an object such as a poker used to stir the fire and make marks into the wood.  As the skills increased the burnt marks resembled rough outlines of animals or other objects that would reflect on the surroundings of their time.

Over the years people began to hone the skills of wood burning by using different shapes and sizes of objects to begin to fill in the rough outlines to resemble the fur and feathers of the animals.  As the wood burning iron became more refined, different tips would be added to create different designs. This with the acquired techniques of applying just the right pressure would separate the beginner to the most accomplished wood burning artist. The most accomplished artist like our Amish craftsman can produce such detail and fine lines, that at first glance you may just think it is a well-done pencil sketch.

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