Draft Horse Mower Hitch Parts

Draft Horse Mower Hitch Parts


Vintage draft horse pulled sickle mower singletrees, neck yokes, eveners, hitching parts, draft and stay rods. Replacement parts for horse-pulled sickle mowers.

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#2 Stay Rod used to hold sickle bar up for transport IHC #7, #9 use M22447, J.D. #4 use1000

#9 Neck Yoke 42” use 2049

#15 Evener Hitch Clevis Spring MB1299

#18 Draft Bracket Evener Hitch M42725

#19 Draft Rod IHC #7, #9 M1443, J.D. #4 1001

#20 Evener Hitch Clevis M2257

#22 Evener 32” use 3202, 41” use 4102

#24 Metal Singletrees 28” use 2801, 30” use 3001 (original IHC used 26-1/2” singletrees)

Click Here for complete two-horse evener equipped with singletrees and brackets.

Our Amish companies have been making and sourcing replacement parts since 1950 for what many consider antique or junk farm machinery today. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, just about every farm used the same farm equipment providing ample outlets for replacement parts.  As most farmers modernized through the 1900s the Amish still depended on the horse-drawn equipment as many still do today.

Since this equipment is no longer being manufactured and dealers are no longer stocking parts it becomes difficult to keep this old vintage farm machinery operational. Both Amish and vintage farm machinery implement enthusiast scour junkyards, farms, and tree lines in search of these long-abandoned implements for restoration.
Cottage Craft Works travels deep into the back roads to find Amish companies who are still making the replacement parts to maintain and restore this old-time horse-drawn farm machinery.
Click Here to see all the vintage farm implements and replacement parts available.

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