Heller Aller Windmill Double Acting Force Pump Model 50L

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Heller Aller Windmill Double Acting Force Pump Model 50L


Deep Well Double Acting Force Pump. Heller Aller USA quality Amish manufactured pumps. The standard of water pumps since 1886.

The Model 50L is a part of the American Heritage history, one of the most popular models favored by ranchers, farmers, and homesteaders because of its versatility to force water to other locations such as a house or barn using a double-acting cylinder. Pumps water on both up and down strokes, equalizing the load and giving a steady, even flow of water.

The Model 50L is a workhorse capable of working against 60 pounds of pressure. Over the years, this pump has been perfected for trouble-free service.

Price begins with the 4" well cap base and incrementally increases for the 6" cap or platform base.

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Pump fits inside 3-inch or larger well casing, thus eliminating the undesirable, unsanitary false well pit. The well casing can be securely capped and sealed against possible ground-level pollution.

Stainless Steel ½” sucker rod down to the attached lift cylinder.

Adjustable for either a 4”, 6”, or 9” stroke.

Available in either a 4”, 6” cap or a platform base.

Anti-Freezing when the force cylinder is located four feet down inside the well casing and drained at that point. 

Purchase optional windmill pump connector.

Price at the top of the page begins with the 4” well cap base and incrementally adjust as options are added. 

This pump uses two cylinders, the double-acting force cylinder required to pump water on the up or down stroke is included. An additional lift cylinder will be required to bring the water up from the well. This pump is considered a deep well pump although many use it for shallow well applications for the force capabilities it provides. Each application is different regarding well depth. The piping and sucker rod needed to go on down to the lift cylinder is also not included. Please e-mail us with your well casing size, depth, and static water level to quote the lift cylinder that you will need. Our lift cylinders are brass with 1-1/4" inlets.

This pump comes assembled with the short pipe and sucker rod down to and including the force cylinder attached at 4' down. Overall with the pump and force cylinder, the length will be just under 10', it will have to be shipped from Central Indiana F.O.B  Price does not include shipping.

Since the pump ships on a 10' pallet, we can also include the 1-1/4" piping and stainless steel sucker rod that you will need along with all the couplings. Piping is schedule 80 PVC with threaded ends. Contact us for a complete ready to install package.

You may purchase and apply an estimated shipping deposit below of $375 to ship East of the Mississippi or $475 West of the Mississippi. This is for a business address, residential may be slightly higher. Shipping also includes the factory charges for building the pallet and drop ship fees.

If the shipping is less we will refund you the difference. If the shipping cost exceeds the deposit we will absorb up to 10% additional shipping.  If it exceeds 10% we will contact you for additional funds or allow you the option to cancel the order and have a 100% refund.

If you would rather have a shipping quote for the exact amount before purchasing drop us an e-mail with your address.

Need Parts for this pump? E-mail us with the parts you need. There will be a $5 drop ship fee plus shipping for pump parts.

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