Hobby Farm Small No Boil Maple Syrup Finisher

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Hobby Farm Small No Boil Maple Syrup Finisher


10 Gallon Water Jacket Canner is the ideal size for most small hobby farm maple syrup producers.

Finish small batches of maple syrup like a pro without dreaded sugar sand ending up in your finished bottled syrup. Water jacket finish cookers maintain uniform steady temperatures which, help to reduce the new formation of sugar sand caused by re-boiling maple syrup after it has been cooked down on an outdoor evaporator.

Priced with a two-burner mill finish cooker and a mirror finish canner.

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Using a standard finish pan over a direct heat source to finish maple before bottling is difficult even for the pro. The safe range for sanitary bottling is between 180-190 F. Most will end up at some point reaching the boiling point with burner hotspots to maintain the temps for bottling. The syrup can easily cool down below the safe bottling temperature at the end of the bottling process. Boiling the syrup adds sugar sand that ends up in the syrup bottles.

On a water jacket canner, the direct heat is directed to heating water surrounding the finishing pan much like a double pan boiler used on a stovetop. This water jacket acts two ways in preventing the contents from absorbing the direct heat with burner hot spots as well as insulating and holding a very stable temperature inside until the last drop is bottled.
The inside temp will be the same from start to finish in bottling maple syrup as well as ready to finish the next batch of syrup.
The Small hobby farm finish cooker features a commercial grade collapsible two-burner cooking stove with stainless steel stand that can also be used for all your outdoor cooking needs. Produces 30,000 BTUs (The cast iron Burner is imported)
Adjustable side shelf for different bottle sizes.
The canner is made from mirror food grade 304 Stainless Steel. Measures 23" long x 16" wide x 13" Tall. Each canner comes with 1/4" and 1/2" threaded outlet to install a thermometer and a bottle filler drain valve, which is included. The canner features "V" bottom for easier draining of syrup and a removable stainless screen filter tray.
The filter tray will hold both a pre-filter and the main filter. Select 3 x 3 cut to fit washable filters using the drop-down boxes. The pre-filters are replaced more often and offered in a package of two.
Canner holds approximately 10 gallons. USA Amish Made with 20 Gauge 304 welded Stainless Steel.
The two-burner stand measures 12 x 21 x 32.
Each cooker comes with a stand, and 5' hose and regulator. They are designed to hold a 40 lb LP tank.  Commercial grade cook stove comes apart for transport and storage.  

We also have a three burner 16-gallon water jacket finish cooker as well as standard cookers in two and three burners without the water jacket or "V" bottom. 
These are multipurpose cookers that can be used above the boiling point for small batches of maple syrup as well as for canning and hot water cooking. Click Here to see all our cookers.
A standard finish pan is also available to fit the two-burner cooktop. The standard pan does not have the water jacket thus, it can be used to boil down small batches of maple syrup. The process will take longer but maybe the answer for those who do not want to invest in a wood burner evaporator. After the cook down is completed the water jacket canner then can be switched over to the finishing and bottling process. Click Here for the standard finishing pan.
Maple syrup cookers made in this popular Amish shop are difficult to keep in stock. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping.
Ships UPS Dimensional weight in two boxes.

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Strong recommendation
I bought one of these last year plus a 2-burner gas finisher to use as my main boiler. Both are great and made perfect maple syrup for me. I bought a second finisher this year so I now have two finishers and two stoves to do my boiling plus a no boiler for the final finishing. I placed them in a 7 ft. x 7 ft. "sugar house" for a perfect, out-of-the weather setup. I highly recommend these hand-made products. Review by Al / (Posted on 12/30/2015)

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