Self Sufficient Income

Self Sufficient Income, featuring information on sustainable living and income produced from home based and farm business.

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  1. American Farmstead Cheese

    Paul Kindstedt

    Successful cheesemakers share their marketing plans, business strategies, personal setbacks and successes, and the unique creative spirit of artisan... Learn More

  2. Building a Sustainable Business

    USDA’s SARE Program A business planning guide for sustainable agriculture entrepreneurs that follows one farm family through the planning, implementation, and evaluation process. A fat, spiral-bound, user-... Learn More

  3. Creating An Herbal Body Care Business

    Sandy Maine

    Sandy Maine founded Sunfeather Natural Soap Company in 1979, with a $15.00 investment. Today, the company has annual sales of $1,250,000 and employs 18... Learn More

  4. Farmer’s Guide to the Bottom Line, A

    Charles Walters

    Charles Walters outlines how the small farmer-entrepreneur can find his way to a profitable bottom line. This book provides how-to information on e... Learn More

  5. Farmstead Creamery Advisor

    Gianaclis Caldwell

    Respected cheesemaker, instructor, and speaker Gianaclis Caldwell walks would-be farmer/cheesemakers through the many, and often confusing, step... Learn More

  6. Finding the Sweet Spot

    Dave Pollard

    Are you between jobs right now? Maybe you feel stuck in a job you don’t really like. Ready for a career change? Have you ever dreamed of doing t... Learn More

  7. Flower Farmer, The

    Lynn Byczynski

    With the cut-flower business growing at record rates, demand is at an all-time high, challenging growers to take advantage of new techniques to prol... Learn More

  8. Grassroots Marketing

    Shel Horowitz

    Only one-third of all new businesses reach their fifth year. Those who succeed have savvy marketers behind them. Grassroots Marketing: Getting Notice... Learn More

  9. Handmade Marketplace, The

    Kari Chapin

    Handmade is hip, creativity sells, and crafters can now take advantage of marketing opportunities that didn’t exist a few years ago. For crafters... Learn More

  10. Household Finances | Paper-Diary-Journal

    Money Matters made simple! Off-Grid, Off Internet old-fashioned paper finance journal book.

    With all the computer glitz and latest Apps, those looking for a simp... Learn More

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