Woodworking Plans & Hardware

Woodworking Plans & Hardware

Woodworking plans and hardware, build old-time wagons, peddler carts, wagon and buckboard seats. J & P Coats spool cabinet, sewing cabinet hardware, lift and even treadle hardware.

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  1. Half Scaled Barn Cabinet Door Hardware

    Half scale sliding barn cabinet door hardware sized for rustic barn style cabinet doors. Perfect for kitchen cabinets, TV consoles, pass-through windows.

    Add a rus... Learn More

  2. Heavy Duty Extra Tall Sewing Machine Lift

    We have them in stock ready to ship!

    Extra-Tall heavy-duty Rudersberg hydraulic airlift ... Learn More

  3. Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Air Lift Mechanism

    Yes, we still have this sewing machine airlift in stock!

    Popular Rudersberg German sewing machine airlift used in our Amish custom sewing cabinets.... Learn More

  4. Solid Brass Sewing Cabinet Lid Hinges

    Heavy-duty double knuckle sewing cabinet lid hinges provide a smooth snag-free sewing area to add a finishing touch to any sewing cabinet folding top.

    These are th... Learn More

  5. Sewing Machine Cabinet Head Hinges

    Heavy-duty sewing machine head hinges mount into the cabinet top with pins that fit into the back of most sewing machine bases.

    Sold as a pair, these hinges allow... Learn More

  6. Sliding Barn Door Privacy Latch

    Heavy-duty sliding barn door privacy latch for bedroom and bathroom sliding door privacy. Universal door or jam mount. Use on popular sliding barn doors.

    Sliding b... Learn More

  7. Small Wood Spoke Wagon Wheel With Rubber

    Pictured with optional rubber rim tire, priced as the 11-1/2" metal rim unfinished wheel 

    Amish handcrafted wood spoke wagon wheels mak... Learn More
  8. Small Wood Spoke Wagon Wheels 19 Inch

    Amish handcrafted wood spoke wagon wheels make great projects or decor. Wheels are the same used on our miniature buckboard and express wagons. Add the optional oilless bushings and the wheels can be used o... Learn More

  9. 20" Wood Spoke Wagon Wheel

    Old fashioned wood spoke wagon wheels are perfect for building all types of two and four-wheel carts as well as miniature cannons and reenactment carts. Amish handcrafted authentic wagon and cart wheels range fr... Learn More

  10. Small Wooden Wheelbarrow Plans & Hardware

    Build this nostalgic old fashioned wooden wheelbarrow from step by step plans in a weekend! Complete plans and metal wheel hardware to build this small old-time woo... Learn More

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