Hunters Journal Magazine | 1900s Hunting & Fishing Stories

Hunters Journal Magazine | 1900s Hunting & Fishing Stories


If you're tired of scanning through your hunting magazines just so you can allow your children to read them, try Hunter’s Journal.  

Hunter’s Journal is published for the conservative Amish Mennonite communities using actual stories from hunting and fishing magazines during the early 1900s. Each issue and story are thoroughly edited so that you only receive clean, exciting stories from that era.

During the 1940s and 1950s hunting legends were bigger than life, not because of the size of a gun or how fancy the hunters were equipped, but just old-fashioned hunting and fishing tactics, with hard work for either the joy of hunting or the need to put meat on the family table.
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Hunter's Journal Magazine contains 76 pages of action-packed and exciting outdoor stories. Fully illustrated with artwork from that era. This timeless magazine will captivate you from the time you pick it up to the time you put it down. You will learn about the forgotten hunting and fishing tactics used by generations gone by, and how they encountered angry large game face to face with survival the only thing on their minds! Did you ever go toe to toe to hand combat with a mad Grizzly? How about a cornered Mountain Lion.

The publication is split up into several sections containing: News, Jokes, Stories, Field Notes, Recipes, and a few others.
With each annual $20 subscription you will receive eight (8) magazines covering hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure stories. Save $3 with a two-year subscription.  Use the drop-down arrow at the bottom of the page to select.
The magazine is kept very simple. From the front to the back cover the magazine is full of adventure hunting and fishing stories of face to face suspense encounters to those with humorous outcomes.  
The magazine editors allow no promotion of violence, very little advertising, and other promotional or political agendas. The stories and pictures are in black and white just like a paperback novel.
Subscription for International and Canadian orders for the Hunter’s Journal magazine. is $60 for one year (8 issues) and $114 for two years (16 issues). Selection in the drop-down box below adds the incremental price difference to the $20 one year US rate.
Hunter's Journal is published:
  • January
  • February/March
  • April/May
  • June/May
  • August/September
  • October
  • November
  • December
If this magazine is of interest the ladies in the family may also enjoy the Amish Mennonite Christian based Keepers at Home Magazine. It is a quarterly magazine full of homemaker tips from caring for children, growing gardens and preparing and storing food. The magazine is popular Worldwide and enjoyed by all faiths.  
The Keepers at Home magazine is available for International and Canadian shipping.

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