Gun Accessories

Gun Stocks, replacement stocks, forearms, older rifles, shotguns. Hand carved gun stocks. Custom holsters, Amish made glass gun and knife display cases.

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  1. 1911 Mag Pouch

    Amish handcrafted premium leather belt clip mag pouch holder for 1911 style clips.

    Available in black or brown. Make the selection using the drop-down boxes.Learn More

  2. Belly Band Holster

    Made in the USA Stretch Elastic Belly Band Gun Holster. 

    Belly Band Holster is constructed using 4” and 6” elastic bands with elastic pocket. This... Learn More

  3. Leather Belt Shotgun Shell Clays-Hunting Pouch

    Made from the finest California latigo leather. The shell pouch holds two boxes of 12-Gauge shotshells with space for two extra shells. Suburb styling and design for shooting clays or hunting.

    Learn More

  4. Custom Wood & Glass Gun Display Case

    Museum-quality display case for your prized pistol or other collector pieces. These gun cases have been presented to distinguished people such as judges, celebrities, and even a President of the United States.Learn More

  5. Double Leather Glock Mag Pouch

    Amish handcrafted premium leather double clip holder for Glock and XT revolvers. Clip holder has a belt loop for either right or left carry.

    Available in black or ... Learn More

  6. Gun Caddy | Coyote Leather Company | USA Made

    Carry a shotgun or rifle at the ready for hours without having fatigue and the shakes when you finally flush out your hunt.   
    ... Learn More
  7. Pancake Holster Brown

    Amish handcrafted premium hand-molded holster. Unique two-position belt slots allow the revolver to be carried straight up or slanted forward.

    Pancake holster fits... Learn More

  8. Mag Tote Holsters

    USA Made Mag Tote Gun Holsters.

    Mag Tote Holsters are ambidextrous and feature 2-1/4” belt tunnel and come with a 1-1/4” belt clip. The unique gripper ... Learn More

  9. Ankle Holster

    USA Made Stretch Elastic Ankle Concealed Gun Holster. 

    Ankle Holsters are made with 4” elastic with an elastic pocket for your weapon. Will carry most g... Learn More

  10. Belt Slide Holster

    Made in the USA Nylon Belt Slide Gun Holster.

    Belt Slide Holster will fit most weapons, we offer a large or small option. Belt loops on each side make it ambidextr... Learn More

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1-10 of 25

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