Handcrafted deer calls, elk calls. Popular Amish handcrafted hunting calls can be personalize for gifts and wedding parties.

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  1. AIM for SUCCESS Deer Shot Guide

    Deer Kill Zone Chart, Great for the young or inexperienced hunter!

    A practical guide to shot placement that displays shot recommendations... Learn More

  2. Cow Elk Calls "Easy Girl" Small | Elk Hunting

    Walnut Elk Cow Mew "Easy Girl", measures 5-1/4 long x 1-1/8 diameter. Comes with a lanyard, and an engraved picture of an elk.

    The Cow Elk Call will imitate a cow... Learn More

  3. Deer Call | Mega Deer Grunt Call |Whitetail Deer Calls

    Deer Hunters using this incredibly realistic adjustable grunt tube have lured in many trophy whitetails, making this grunt call a winner.

    The solid hardwood barrel... Learn More

  4. Elk Bugle | Elk Hunting > Elk Calls

    Beautiful, handcrafted Elk Bugle is 13" long, 5/8 diameter. Cherry, with an engraved picture of an elk and, comes with a lanyard. Bulls are very territorial; they will drop caution and come running after another... Learn More

  5. Field Guide for Buck Deer

    White Tail Buck Age Chart. It's great for display in the blind or the hunting cabin, classroom, wildlife refuge or guide service.

    This gu... Learn More

  6. Pocket Deer Aging Tool

    Aging deer has never been so easy!

    Compare the dental wear patterns of the deer in question to the pictures and descriptions on the ... Learn More

  7. Tan Your Hide!

    Phyllis Hobson

    Phyllis Hobson explains just what you need to tan your own leather and fur, and all the steps involved in doing it right. The cost? Very little&mdas... Learn More

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