Turkey Friction

Turkey Friction

Turkey Friction Call. Handcrafted turkey friction call available in slate, glass, aluminum, combo. Personalization available.

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  1. Aluminum | Slate | Combo  Friction Pot Turkey Call Walnut

    No need to purchase a turkey combo kit and keep up with two turkey pot calls. This Combo Aluminum/Slate call features the same quality as our single surface call but also allows a slate surface on the opposite s... Learn More

  2. Friction Pot Turkey Call | Slate | Glass | Aluminum |

    Turkey hunters across the country are raving about our friction pot turkey calls. They have become very popular and when you get yours you will quickly understand why. 

    Learn More

  3. Glass | Slate | Combo Friction Pot Turkey Call

    No need to purchase a combo turkey call kit and keep up with two separate turkey pot calls.

    This beautiful walnut 4" Combo friction pot call provides a traditiona... Learn More

  4. Leather Friction Pot Turkey Call Holster | Pouch

    This high-quality turkey call holster pouch is a CCW specially designed leather holster to fit our popular friction pot, slate, aluminum, or glass turkey calls. The holster will fit all of our dual combo frictio... Learn More

  5. Turkey Call Striker Sticks

    Turkey Friction Pot Call Strikers, Hardwood, and Exotic Wood Turkey Call Strikers.

    These striker sticks are used for any of the Friction Calls and come in a variet... Learn More

  6. Turkey Friction Pot Call Adapted Hunting Calls for Disabled Hunters

    At CCW we love hunters and those who love to hunt. We will do just about anything to help those who want to hunt but have a hard time due to a disability. We can adapt just about any of our hunting calls for a d... Learn More

  7. Turkey Slate Friction Call Kit

    Make your own custom turkey slate friction call from our complete ready to assemble kit! Our turkey box call kit has been so popular our customers have asked us to also provide a friction call in a kit form as w... Learn More

  8. Wild Turkeys: Hunting And Watching

    John J. Mettler Jr., D.V.M.

    Once nearly extinct in N. America, wild turkeys have made a dramatic comeback. The key to a successful wild turkey hunt is understandin... Learn More

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8 Item(s)