Hunting Calls

Hunting Calls

Hunting Calls. USA Amish exquisite handcrafted wooden hunting and game calls, turkey, deer, elk, waterfowl, small game. Personalized engraving available

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  1. Turkey Caller  | Little Annie | Turkey Box Calls Popular Base

    Little Anne mini 1-1/4" deep dugout turkey box call, is one sweet small handheld turkey call. This is a very inexpensive easy to tote box call, that sounds as great as calls twice its size. Seriously! This call ... Learn More

  2. Turkey Friction Call Standard Striker Sticks

    Turkey Friction Pot Call Strikers, Hardwood, and Exotic Wood Turkey Call Strikers.

    These striker sticks are used for any of the Friction Calls. We offer strikers w... Learn More

  3. Turkey Box Call- Half Moon

    If you are looking for a turkey box call with a big sound yet attractive, this is it. All wood handcrafted turkey box call with class. The half-moon turkey box call has been a winner for years and is one of our ... Learn More

  4. Turkey Box Call With Handle Half Moon | Turkey Hunting

    Heirloom handcrafted half-moon handle turkey box call. Overall length with handle is 8-3/4". Featuring beautiful hardwoods and finish to make this another heirloom quality box call for generations to come. ... Learn More

  5. Turkey Box Call Kit  Complete > Turkey Box Calls Kits

    Turkey Box Call Kits are one of our most popular selling hunting call products!

    Learn More

  6. Turkey Box Call Holster | Pouch | (Turkey Call Product)

    CCW high-quality turkey box call holsters are made from camo canvas or black heavy-duty vinyl by our Amish gun holster shop.

    The camo holster fabric is reinforced ... Learn More

  7. CCW Turkey Box Call Denier Nylon Holster

    This is just an over the top box call holster made of near-indestructible ballistic 1050 denier nylon!

    We already have an Amish shop making our custom nylon gun ... Learn More
  8. Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle 10"inch-

    Our 10-inch Boat Paddle Turkey Box Call is built just like our popular half-moon handle box calls. Some call this a "Long Box Call". The additional length allows for a 1" longer-sounding chamber. This provides a... Learn More

  9. Turkey Dugout Box Call

    The Lil' Champ call is one of our most popular engraved paddle calls for wedding parties and gifts.

    Learn More

  10. Tan Your Hide!

    Phyllis Hobson

    Phyllis Hobson explains just what you need to tan your own leather and fur, and all the steps involved in doing it right. The cost? Very little&mdas... Learn More

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