Hunting Calls

Hunting Calls

Hunting Calls. USA Amish exquisite handcrafted wooden hunting and game calls, turkey, deer, elk, waterfowl, small game. Personalized engraving available

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  1. Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 6" | Turkey Box Calls

    This is a very simple and rather inexpensive box call, which has attractive lines, curves, and a great sound. Yelp, cluck, cut, purr, whine, gobble….. It talks Turkey! Features a 6" poplar base with the o... Learn More

  2. Sweet Thing Little Champ

    This is the same 6” base as our Little Champ dugout box call but with a camo dip bottom and beautiful 8-3/8” walnut handle. Not only does it look sweet it also makes sweet turkey talk.

    <... Learn More
  3. Push Button Turkey Call | Turkey Calls

    This is a simple Push Button Turkey Call that allows you to hold and operate a very small compact call with ease while delivering the same great sound of our full-size Half Moon Turkey Calls.

    Learn More

  4. Purple Heart Box Turkey Call

    Turkey Box Turkey Call with a Purple Heart Wood Paddle and Mahogany Base.

    This is just one beautiful new addition to our box turkey calls, with a 9" purple heart p... Learn More

  5. Predator Calls | Coon Squaller

    This is a wooden Raccoon call. Featuring an inlaid image of a Coon comes with a lanyard. Crafted from maple wood. This compact coon squaller can be a great help to locate that big raccoon hiding in the crotch of... Learn More

  6. Predator Calls  | Coyote Howler

    This is a wooden distress call designed to bring in coyotes, measures 7-1/4" long. Featuring a hardwood base with an engraved image of a coyote. Has an adjustable tube for various pitch and tone. Comes with lany... Learn More

  7. Predator Call | Predator Calls

    Made for the hunter who’s hunting the hunter, our Predator Call produces the sound of a raspy cottontail rabbit in distress. 

    The call is 4-1/4" long a... Learn More

  8. Pocket Deer Aging Tool

    Aging deer has never been so easy!

    Compare the dental wear patterns of the deer in question to the pictures and descriptions on the ... Learn More

  9. Cord Lanyards

    These are the same type of lanyards used on our duck calls, predator calls, and geese calls. Featuring Single, Double, and Triple styles to suit your needs!

    Learn More
  10. Heavy Duck/Goose Strap by Coyote Leather Company

    Limits of mallards or geese . . . the “Big Boy” is strong enough to easily handle both, yet small enough to fit in your hunting coat pocket.  The wider shoulder strap better distributes the weig... Learn More

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