Immergood 6-8 qt Stainless Ice Cream Freezers

Immergood 6-8 qt Stainless Ice Cream Freezers


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All the same quality features of the Immergood original old-fashioned ice cream freezer-maker with upgrades to an all stainless steel gear-frame and an all stainless triple motion dasher.

Immergood raised the bar on old-fashioned ice cream freezers when they introduced the originals.

Featuring a super-insulated poly tub, heavy-duty stainless steel tub, and ear latches and a frame with stainless steel gears; Immergood soon became the leader in old-fashioned ice cream freezers. 

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Immergood Stainless Ice Cream Freezers are available in both 6 and 8 qt models. The listed price begins with the 6 qt and incrementally increases when the 8 qt is added.

We do list these two freezers separately on the site as well for the same price. In case you see them listed and wondering what is the difference? There now isn't any, the 6 and 8 qt models originally used a powder-coated cast frame. Immergood discontinued those in June of 2019 so those are now also all stainless steel which, some call the Premium model. Regardless if you order a 6 or 8 qt Immergood now you will be receiving the all stainless "Premium" model.

An optional stainless insulated cover is available. When the ice cream is finished the gear-frame and dasher are removed to allow the tub cover to be placed on top. The insulated tub cover in conjunction with the insulated tub will keep ice cream cold much longer than traditional ice cream freezers. Some have even reported keeping ice cream for several days in the tub during mild temperature days in the 70s and below. The tub cover is perfect for clean and cold transport of ice cream to gatherings. To see more and purchase the tub cover Click Here.

Note: The Immergood Stainless Steel freezers use a thicker poly tub that is not compatible with White Mountain and Country Freezer electric motors.

Immergood is developing an electric motor for the Immergood poly and the older Immergood freezers using a fiberglass tub. It won't likely be available until 2020. For now, if you want an electric motor on an Immergood freezer you would need to purchase the Immergood 6-qt Electric Freezer which, will have a fiberglass tub made for the White Mountain electric motor. 

The Immergood motor will also be designed to fit the Immergood 4 qt & 6 qt hand-crank poly tub freezers, earlier fiberglass tub Immergood 6 qt freezers, as well as White Mountain freezers. So, yes an electric motor will be available for only the 6 qt poly tub stainless freezer on this page but not immediately for the 8 qt option.

Freezers ship for a low flat rate directly from the factory in Pennsylvania. 

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