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Immergood 6-Qt Battery Powered Ice Cream Freezer

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Immergood 6-Qt Battery Powered Ice Cream Freezer


Immergood USA-made 6-qt insulated poly tub/stainless steel ice cream freezer topped with a powerful triple action stainless battery-powered DC motor. Uses choice of popular Dewalt, Makita, or Milwaukee tool battery packs. (Not Included) The perfect ice cream machine-maker for off-grid, camping, and remote cabins.

Make 2-3 batches of ice cream on a 5-amp battery. More batches on higher amperage batteries. Actual experience may vary based on battery age and charge level. LED indicator lights let you know when the ice cream is done.

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Immergood has engineered its motors to operate in a triple action mode. Electric ice cream freezers up to this point have only allowed the freezer can to spin around the dasher, known as a double action. Compared to a hand crank freezer where the dasher spins in one direction and the freezer can spins in the opposite direction, known as a triple-action mode.

Powerful, efficient motor and gearing shuts off automatically when done. Use the drop-down boxes to select the type of battery pack that you will be using. (Battery packs are not included with the motor) The shop offers different docking for the most popular battery packs as many will already have them with portable power tools along with the charger. Model 1025 has a combo docking station that will accommodate either Dewalt 20V or Milwaukee 18V battery packs.

The motor and freezer parts are all USA Amish manufactured using stainless steel gears and housing. The Amish do not subscribe to planned obsolescence, so they build things to last over corporate profits. This makes them more expensive, but well worth the long-term investment if you’re a serious homemade ice cream family.

LED indicator light status of “running, “done” and “low battery”.

Immergood has an AC triple-action motor pending safety certification that may not be ready to sell to the public until June 2021.

Immergood has become the leader in old-fashioned ice cream freezers. Each freezer is Amish handcrafted and comes with its own unique serial number.

All the same quality features of the Immergood old-fashioned ice cream freezer-makers. Featuring a super-insulated poly tub, heavy-duty stainless-steel tub, and ear latches, stainless steel freezer can, stainless steel triple-action dasher topped with a clear see-through poly can cover to visualize the ice cream making progression.  

Now an ice cream freezer that does not leak with a 3 Year Warranty!

Take a close look at the quality material and craftsmanship and you will quickly realize that the Immergood USA-made ice cream freezers will be in use for an exceptionally long time. 

An optional stainless insulated cover is available. When the ice cream is finished the gear-frame and dasher are removed to allow the tub cover to be placed on top. The insulated tub cover in conjunction with the insulated tub will keep ice cream cold much longer than traditional ice cream freezers. Some have even reported keeping ice cream for several days in the tub during mild temperature days in the 70s and below. The tub cover is perfect for clean and cold transport of ice cream to gatherings. To see more and purchase the tub cover Click Here.

Freezers ship for a low flat rate directly from the factory in Pennsylvania. 

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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Get in line!
Listed as "Out of Stock" every time I would check, I finally decided to purchase it anyway and had waited about a month. I am glad I got in line. Truly great quality! After my first batch I will need to change the ice/salt/water ratio since this freezer is much more efficient than my 1900's Shepard's Lightning. What a joy not having to hand crank every batch. No more presoaking the ol' wood bucket only having it leak salt brine everywhere regardless. No more treating all the non stainless metal with mineral oil for storage to prevent rusting, only having to remove it all before using it again(repeat). Not to mention, what history has this old freezer had over the last century before I refinished it. I say...Forget the nostalgia. In with the new. No hassle. No mess. Game changer! Review by My aging elbows / (Posted on 3/21/2021)
Immergood Tool Battery Ice Cream Maker
We couldn’t be happier! I didn’t want to buy another freezer that had a wooden tub and keep having the same old problems. The Immergood ice cream freezer worked great! We especially liked being able to use a 20V Dewalt battery instead of having to drag out the extension cord and find a place to plug it in. The only problem is I should have bought a larger model! Review by Scott / (Posted on 8/13/2020)
Immergood Tool Battery Motor
With the electric motor... FANTASTIC! I get at least 2 batches off one charge. I did not try the 3rd as I charged it between the 2nd and 3rd.
But it is much lower in noise level than the older White mountain. But it mixes it much better and creamer ice cream with the same recipe, I am sure because of the triple action of the bucket and dasher. IN addition I noticed in the 100 degree temps we have seen that the maker uses much less ice due to the much better quality of the bucket.

Dan A Review by FANTASTIC! / (Posted on 8/11/2020)

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