Canning Equipment

Canning Equipment

Amish home canning equipment and supplies for food preservation and canning. Canners, food processors for large families.

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  1. Drill Powered Sweet Corn Silk Cleaner Replacement Brush

    Special custom-made spiral replacement brush fits our famous drill powered sweet corn silk cleaners. These are so well made that we don’t sell that many replacements but over the years and bushels of sweet... Learn More

  2. Spacious Drying Space

    Old Fashioned Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Drainboard, Drainer Board! 

    One of our most popular products!

    Learn More

  3. Stainless Steel 15 Qt Canner

    Self-Sufficient, Food Preserving, Large Capacity Water Bath Canner!

    Quickly process up to 15 quarts or up to 9 1/2 gal jars of homemade goodies at one time. Extra-... Learn More

  4. Old-Fashioned Square Turkey Roaster

    Stainless steel old-fashioned square roaster pan set will cook up a large turkey for those Thanksgiving gatherings. 

    Measures 17” L x 10” W x 8&rd... Learn More

  5. Square Outdoor Liquid Food Cooker-Canner

    Wood-fired or LP gas-fired cooker with the optional LP gas burner. These outdoor cookers were designed by the Amish as outdoor water bath canners. They have also found many other uses such as heating water, for ... Learn More

  6. Outdoor Food Cooker | Canner

    Wood-fired or optional LP Gas Burner fired outdoor 30-gallon cooker, will heat and cook up to 26 Gallons.

    Additional size 40-gallon model to cook up to 36 Gallon... Learn More
  7. Old-Fashioned Hand Crank Food Juicer Strainer

    Self-Sufficient Living, Home Canning, Hand Crank Food Processor-Strainer!  

    It's the original and the most popular food strainer ever invented. Food strainer ... Learn More

  8. Water Bath Canner Rack Lifts Jars Up Out Of Hot Water

    Lindy's Stainless Steel Canner holds 7 of the quart and 8 of the pint canning jars. Use for either steam or water bath canning.

    Removable stainless steel rack allo... Learn More

  9. Food Strainer Electric Motor

    Easy to install electric motor for the old-fashioned model 250 Food Strainer & Sauce Maker. Made of ABS plastic with steel gears and a chrome-plated steel drive shaft.

    Learn More

  10. Sweet Corn Silk Cleaner

    Sweet corn is a favorite around our house but the hassle and time of de-silking the corn made it a chore to process even for a small batch.

    Up until now, handheld... Learn More

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