Kitchen Drainboards

Dish drainboard stainless designed for extra-large dish drain board rack. Our USA made drainboards are Amish made drainboard is perfect for drying large pots, pans and cooking utensils. Kitchen Drainboards may be custom sized.

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  1. Decorator Kitchen Sink Drain Board

    Powder-coated commercial style kitchen sink drainboard is right at home on your granite countertops.

    Ever since our stainless steel drainboards have become so po... Learn More
  2. Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board | Drainer Board

    Our powder-coated all-aluminum drainboard is small and compact for limited kitchen counter spaces. Perfect for apartments, RV’s, and summer cottages. 

    C... Learn More

  3. Spacious Drying Space

    Old Fashioned Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Drainboard, Drainer Board! 

    One of our most popular products!

    Learn More

  4. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Open Back Drain Board

    Stainless steel open-back USA made kitchen sink drainboard.

    This is just like our standard drainboard except the back edge is left open. This saves on labor thus w... Learn More

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Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)