Off-grid-Food Processors

Off-grid-Food Processors

Non-electric old fashioned hand crank kitchen gadgets, off-grid kitchen appliances, food processors, mixers, dough makers.

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  1. Champion Juicer Electric & Air Powered

    Champion Juicer is available in electric or with an airpower motor conversion.

    The electric model is powered by a 1/3 HP electric motor. Stainless Steel motor shaf... Learn More

  2. Kitchen Aid Mixer to Hand Crank Conversion

    For our customers who want to convert their own Kitchen Aid mixer to hand crank for off-grid use, your wait is now over!

    Since we introduced the K... Learn More
  3. Sweet Corn Silk Cleaner

    New Poly-Wood Base for 2021

    Sweet corn is a favorite around our house but the hassle and time of de-silki... Learn More

  4. Hand Crank Conversion Kitchen Aid Mixer

    Features faster gearing than before for higher speed whipping!

    For our customers who sti... Learn More

  5. Hand Crank Dough Maker | Vintage Reproduction

    The fun easy way to make homemade bread and pastries with no electricity required! Based on the old-fashioned hand-crank vintage dough buckets.

    No tedious hand kne... Learn More

  6. Hand Crank Cone Salad Maker

    Self-Sufficient, Off-Grid, Old Fashioned Hand Crank Salad Machine!

    Commercial restaurant-quality!  

    Learn More

  7. Motorize a #32 Meat Grinder (Free Information) 5

    I hope this helps save someone the time and agony of trying to figure out how to motorize a meat grinder. Please feel free to look at our store for other self-sufficient projects ideas and recipes. Read about ho... Learn More

  8. Nutrimill Grain Grinder Electric or Air

    Model 760200- Priced as 1200 watt electric. Select air power using the drop-down boxes at the bottom of the page to see the incremental price difference.Learn More
  9. Off Grid- Hand Crank Mixer - Food Processor

    The Little Dutch Maid Hand Crank Kitchen Mixer, Our Most Popular Product.

    This is the ultimate multi-purpose food processor it uses no electricity.... Learn More

  10. Hand Crank Glass Jar Coffee Grinder

    Imported from England. The Kilner® company has been making high-quality dependable kitchen wares since 1842

    Measuring 5-3/4” wide by 8-1/2” wide an... Learn More

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