Apple Cider Press/ Wine Press

Apple Cider Press/ Wine Press

Self-sufficient homestead, apple cider presses, wine presses, and supplies for the hobby backyard and small commercial orchards.

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  1. Apple Peeler

    Old Fashioned Hand Crank Apple Peeler. 

    A great product for quickly slicing apples for apple pies and making apple slices.

    Learn More

  2. Picking Bucket

    Finding the right bucket or picking bag to quickly pick fresh fruits and nuts can be very challenging. Homemade buckets and bags are fine for small home orchards but when the picking becomes long and intense you... Learn More

  3. "Nylon" Pressing Bags

    Sturdy bags made to fit our cider and wine presses.

    Large press bag fits in a 14" D x 19" tall tub. The small bag fits in a 7" D x 14" tall tub.

    Learn More

  4. Old Fashioned Double Tub Cider Press-Mill

    Sustainable Agriculture Old Fashioned Style Double Tub Cider Press-Mill.

    The American Harvester Cider Mill and Wine Press is a combination of the best features fou... Learn More

  5. Hardware Kit for Homesteader Press

    Build your own old-fashioned cider press-mill! Complete hardware kit, you supply the wood and save money.

    Now build your own version of our Homesteader Cider Press... Learn More

  6. Heavy Duty Apple Grinder-Chopper

    Apple Eater Fruit Grinder. Apple and fruit chopper-crusher used to prepare apples, pears and other hard fruits for pressing into juice.

    Add an apple grinder to you... Learn More

  7. Homesteader Single Tub Cider & Wine Press

    Self-Sufficient Hobby Farm, Homestead, Fruit, Wine, Cider Press-Mill.

    The "Homesteader" is a single-tub cider or wine press with the same basic frame and press scr... Learn More

  8. Sustainable Living Homstead Wine Press

    Sustainable Living Old Fashioned Vintage Style Wine-Fruit Press.

    The "Homesteader Wine Press" is a single-tub press with the same basic frame and press screw assem... Learn More

  9. Large Stainless Milk-Syrup Strainer

    A large stainless-steel strainer to handle larger volumes of milk- up to 5 gallons. Measures 13” x 5” and fits milk cans and other storage vessels with at least a 5” opening.

    <... Learn More
  10. Sustainable Living Budget Cider Press-Mill

    Self-Sufficient Economy Cider Press-Mill. Now every one Can Own A Cider Press!

    Now a smaller, less expensive cider press for the homeowner with only a few trees.Learn More

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