White Mountain Freezer Parts

White Mountain Freezer Parts

White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Parts. Complete White Mountain replacement parts, gears, motors, latches, dashers, tubs. 

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  1. White Mountain Fiberglass Replacement Tub

    This highly insulated foam-filled 6 qt fiberglass tub will outperform the original wooden ice cream freezer tubs and you never have to worry if it's going to leak. A 4 and 8 qt fiberglass tub is also available (... Learn More

  2. White Mountain Replacement Frame Bridge

    New replacement green color White Mountain freezer frame bridge with gear housing. Fits both 4 & 6 qt WM freezers generally made from the 1970s forward with 11-5/8 diameter tubs, a 1" freezer can drive, and ... Learn More

  3. White Mountain Freezer Can Cover

    Replacement White Mountain ice cream freezer Can Cover for most 6-qt White Mountain Freezers. Sorry, the 4-qt lids are no longer available.

    Please measure if you h... Learn More

  4. White Mountain Replacement Hand Crank for White Mountain

    Crank Handle for all White Mountain freezer sizes, screws onto the shaft. The Amish USA Made replacement handle by Immergood.

    Learn More
  5. White Mountain Freezer Electric Motor Cover

    Replacement cover for electric motors used on the new green top White Mountain ice cream freezers.

    Learn More
  6. White Mountain Freezer Gear Housing

    Sorry, this item is no longer available at this time. White Mountain has discontinued all parts. Our Amish shop is working on manufacturing new parts but... Learn More

  7. White Mountain Freezer Tub Center

    One of our most popular replacement parts! 

    USA Amish made replacement tub center is far superior to the... Learn More

  8. White Mountain Replacement Tub Ear New Style

    White Mountain Freezer Replacement Tub Ear. USA Amish Made Stainless Steel Tub Ear Fits all sizes of White Mountain Freezers. The tub ear is complete with a tab for attaching the bail handle. 

    <... Learn More
  9. White Mountain Freezer New Style Cam Tub Latch

    Replacement tub latch for all sizes of White Mountain Freezers. USA Amish Made stainless tub latch is much improved over the original old style. The new latch has a thumb turn positive lock cam latch like an old... Learn More

  10. White Mountain Freezer Fiberglass Replacement Tub

    New fiberglass insulated White Mountain Replacement Tub. Replaces wooden buckets no longer being made.

    Fiberglass replacement tub ... Learn More

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