Maple Syrup Evaporators, Finishers, Cookers

Maple Syrup Evaporators, Finishers, Cookers

USA made wood and gas maple syrup evaporators, finishers and cookers. Economy hobby cookers to small commercial operators. No boil finishers. Cooking pans

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  1. Sunrised Wood Fired Maple Syrup Cookers

    We offer a complete line of Wood Fired Maple Syrup Cookers-Evaporators made by the very popular Amish Sunrise Metal Shop in Indiana.

    From a 2 X 3 flat pan hobby fa... Learn More

  2. Maple Syrup-Cooker-Evaporator Two Pan Cooker

    Sunrise Maple Syrup Evaporator

    Order early for the season. These popular evaporators sell out quickl... Learn More

  3. Maple Syrup-Cooker-Evaporator Compartment Pans

    Sunrise Maple Syrup Wood Fired 2 x 4 Evaporator. An excellent choice for a hobby farm maple syrup operation with up to 50 taps. Produce up to 15 gallons per hour.

    Learn More

  4. Maple Syrup-Cooker-Evaporator | Hobby-Wood- 2 X 3 | 35-Tap-10-GH

    Sunrise Wood-fired 2 x 3 maple syrup evaporator for up to 35-tap operations. Provides up to 10-gallons per hour production.

    Pricing includes everything you need to... Learn More

  5. Maple Syrup Hobby Warming Pan | Tank

    Warming pan is designed to sit on top of the 24” wide hobby cooking pan. 
    Perfect for t... Learn More
  6. Maple Syrup Hobby Cooking Pan 24 X 36

    A perfect solution for the small hobby farm that wants to build their own Arch but still have the capabilities of a flow-through divided cooking pan.

    Made by the... Learn More
  7. Economy Maple Syrup Cooking Divided Pan

    Maple syrup economy cooking pans are budget-friendly for the small backyard hobby syrup producer. Available as a flat 18” x 34” x 6” pan as priced or with 3-channel dividers as an upgrade, or a... Learn More

  8. Maple Syrup Cooker-Evaporator | Wood-Fired-2 X 4 | 150-Tap-20-GH

    Sunrise Maple Syrup Evaporator.

    Order early for the season. These popular evaporators sell out quickly

    Pricing incl... Learn More

  9. Economy Maple Syrup Cooker/Evaporator

    The Economy 18” x 34” 5 GPH wood-fired maple syrup evaporator allows the backyard do-it-yourselfer hobbyist to step up from using makeshift pans and kettles to a real maple syrup processor at a nomin... Learn More

  10. Hobby Farm | Water Jacket Maple Syrup Finish Canner | Bottler

    No Boil 16 Gallon Water Jacket Finish Canner is just the right size to keep up with our wood-fired evaporators. Designed to fit on a three-burner gas cook stove. The flat bottom allows it to be used on othe... Learn More

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