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Maple Syrup Making Equipment, Supplies

 Maple Syrup Making Equipment, Supplies

USA made maple syrup sugarmakers equipment and supplies. Spiles, collection bags, filtering tanks, skimmer scoops, sugar candy machine. Sugar shack mailbox

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  1. The Sugarmakers Companion | Comprehensive Maple Sugar Manual

    The Sugarmaker’s Companion by Michael Farrell brings to the forefront of valuable information and experiences for those thinking of or already tapping into a fun hobby or profitable business.

    <... Learn More
  2. Sugar Shack Stainless Steel Rural Mail Box

    Proudly display your love for maple syrup with our sugar shack stainless rural mailbox.

    Made right in the same Amish shop that makes our maple syrup evaporators.... Learn More
  3. Stainless Steel Hydrometer Cup

    Maple Syrup Processing Hydrometer Testing Cup

    Used to hold small samples of syrup to test for the sugar content using a hydrometer, uses a very small sample of syr... Learn More

  4. Maple Syrup Skimmer Scoop

    Stainless steel scoop for skimming the foam from the top of maple syrup as it is being processed. Measures 5" wide X 2" deep with a 7" long handle

    USA Amish m... Learn More

  5. Maple Syrup Single Cone Filtering Tank Mirror Finish

    Made from 20 Gauge welded 304 Stainless Steel Measuring 9” x 29” X 23”.

    Complete with drain valve and filter ready to go into production. The dra... Learn More

  6. Maple Syrup Hobby Warming Pan | Tank

    Warming pan is designed to sit on top of the 24” wide hobby cooking pan. 
    Perfect for t... Learn More
  7. Maple Syrup Hobby Cooking Pan 24 X 36

    A perfect solution for the small hobby farm that wants to build their own Arch but still has the capabilities of a flow-through divided cooking pan.

    Made by the ... Learn More
  8. Economy Maple Syrup Cooking Divided Pan

    Sorry, our Amish factory has asked to pause new orders for the basic evaporators for the 2022 season so that they can catch up on the Post COVID project backlog. Check back with us for the 2023 s... Learn More

  9. Maple Syrup Double Cone Filtering Tank

    Made from 20 Gauge 304 welded Stainless-Steel measuring 11” x 22” X 22”  
  10. Three Gallon Sap Bag

    Sold in packages of 10 bags.

    Maple syrup collection bags, innovative heavy-duty maple sap bag holds 3 gallons, no hangers required... Learn More

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