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USA Stoneware Pottery

USA Stoneware Pottery

Old fashioned USA made pottery. Vintage blue stripe, custom color, lead, cadmium free, crocks, bowls, pitchers, water coolers.

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  1. USA Stoneware Pottery | Baked  Bean | Stew | Crock Pot Blue Stripe

    Our belly style bean and stew crocks are perfect for baking up old-time recipes.

    Convenient handles allow easy transfer from the oven to the counter.

    <... Learn More
  2. USA Stoneware Pottery | Batter Bowl | Blue Striped

    Our old-fashion batter bowls are the best! They have a large handle and a handy spout for pouring liquids, cake mixes, eggs, and whatever else you may be mixing up in the kitchen.

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  3. USA Stoneware Pottery | Batter Bowl | Bridal Gift

    A very popular wedding gift! 

    This old fashion bridal batter bowl is still a great wedding or anniversary gift destined to become a family hei... Learn More

  4. USA Stoneware Pottery | Chili & Soup  | Ice Cream | Bowls

    Start a new family tradition gathering at the table! Personalize them for special gifts.
    Hot or cold this classic stonewar... Learn More
  5. USA Stoneware Pottery | Deep Bowl Set Blue Stipe

    Put a touch of old fashion charm into your kitchen!

    These bowls are both beautiful and functional just as the original blue stripe bowls were made ... Learn More

  6. USA Stoneware Pottery | Large  Baking Dish Barb Wire

    Our USA made Large stoneware baking dish features a spoon rest on each side which, also doubles as carrying handles and pouring spouts. The dish measures 12-1/2” x 2-1/4” deep. That will hold a... Learn More

  7. USA Stoneware Pottery | Medium Baking Dish Blue Stripe

    Our USA stoneware baking dish measures 11” x 2-1/4” deep a nice size for baking side dishes or a smaller casserole for a table for two people.

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  8. USA Stoneware Pottery | Popcorn Bowl

    Our popcorn bowls are very Popular! USA made old fashioned pottery popcorn bowls have deep straight sides. That is important because you don’t want to push popcorn kernels out over the sides each time you ... Learn More

  9. USA Stoneware Pottery | Small Baking Dish Blue Stripe

    Rediscover the lost benefits of stoneware cooking. Cook more evenly using the heat-absorbing benefits that only stoneware can provide. Stoneware is lead-free and cadmium-free! Microwave, oven, and dishwasher saf... Learn More

  10. USA Stoneware Pottery | Spoon Holders | Spoon Rest

    Keep your counters clean and dry as you cook that large pot of stew.

    Ceramic handmade spoon rest keeps those large spoons from toppling out of dishes and ending ... Learn More
  11. USA Stoneware Pottery | Spoon Jars | Medium-Large

    Old fashion spoon jars make an attractive but functional way to store and keep your spoons and kitchen accessories at the ready. Spoon jars are also useful for many different uses, such as flower vases. Stonewar... Learn More

  12. USA Stoneware Pottery | Stoneware Pet Bowls

    These straight side pet bowls are great and have become very popular, especially to personalize for your favorite pet!
    The... Learn More
  13. USA Stoneware Pottery | Tortillas | Quesso | Bowl | Blue Stripe

    Keep tortillas warm and moist in this attractive dish. Pottery provides much better heat absorption over plastic tortilla bowls. This bowl is also very useful and functional as it can double as a baking dish or ... Learn More

  14. USA Stoneware Pottery | Wash Basin Set Blue Stripe

    Wash Basin Set adds a decorative touch to any room, yet they are still just as functional for daily hygiene as they were 100 years ago. These old-time once necessities for every household are becoming very hard ... Learn More

  15. USA Stoneware | 10 Inch Bride Bowl | Bridle Gift

    The old-time traditions continue with these popular stoneware pottery bridle bowls!

    This old fashion bridal bowl is still a great wedding or a... Learn More

  16. USA Stoneware | 4PC Canister Set | Hand Painted Hearts

    This 4 PC stoneware canister set is great for storing any dry goods at the ready on countertops.     

    Custom paint... Learn More

  17. USA Stoneware | Barbeque Sauce Jar | Mop

    Our Stoneware Barbecue Sauce Jar is the perfect gift for that special outdoor chef.

    The Jar may be personalized to meet every need. 

    Learn More

  18. USA Stoneware | Chip & Dip | Ice Chilled | Condiment-Dip Bowl

    A unique party and food server to maintain safer cold temperatures over an extended time period for all types of dips and cold sandwich condiments. Features a bottom jar t... Learn More

  19. USA Stoneware | Cookie Jar Wisteria

    Cookie Monsters Delight! Store lots of cookies and other snacks in this barrel style cookie jar. Very attractive and functional old-fashioned reproduction stoneware pottery.

    Learn More

  20. USA Stoneware | Crawfish | Shrimp | Crab | Bowl Set

    A very classy coastal themed stoneware pottery shellfish serving dish for clambakes, crawfish, and shrimp boils. Personalization is available for great personalized gifts.

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