Kitchen & Food Prep

Non-electric, kitchen tools, cooking utensils, hand crank appliances, and kitchen products for off-grid self-sufficient living.

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  1. Old-Fashioned 40 Inch Firewood Poker Rod & Hook

    Vintage Replica 40” long firewood poker rod. A must-have tool for wood burning stoves, fireplaces, and outdoor fire pits.

    Managing a misplaced burning log ca... Learn More

  2. 5 Pc Nested Stainless Bowl Set

    Heavy-duty stainless-steel bowl set stack neatly inside of each larger bowl saving valuable storage space. These handy stainless bowls will be a welcome addition to the self-sufficient country kitchen.Learn More

  3. Ice Cream Freezer Air Powered Motor Head, Air Compressor Powered

    Fits White Mountain, and Immergood, 4-6qt freezers with an 11-5/8” to 11-3/4 diameter freezer tub measured between the tub latch and tub ear. Also available for Immergood 8-qt 13-1/4” diameter tub fr... Learn More

  4. American Farmstead Cheese

    Paul Kindstedt

    Successful cheesemakers share their marketing plans, business strategies, personal setbacks and successes, and the unique creative spirit of artisan... Learn More

  5. American Harvester/Homesteader Grinder Motor Kit

    Motor kit to fit the American Harvester or Homesteader Grinders

    The long-awaited motor kit is here!

    Pictured with t... Learn More

  6. American Made Pressure Cookers

    December 29, 2020, Back in stock with limited quantities.

    <... Learn More

  7. Amish  Apron | Half Apron

    Amish Half Apron- 16” x 24” apron with 28” x 3-3/4” tie straps to go around the waist. 

    Features a large 7” x 7” pocket o... Learn More

  8. Amish Homemade Spelt Granola Bars

    Spelt Granola Bars are Amish homemade by Stutzman Certified Organic farms using fresh spelt grains.

    Spelt is among the original grains known to man. Spelt contains... Learn More

  9. Amish Homemade Spelt Maple Grate Nuts 12 lbs

    Amish grown certified organic spelt grate nuts makes a high fiber nourishing breakfast cereal. 

    Made from whole-spelt flour, whole milk, maple syrup, butter, ... Learn More

  10. Amish Honey Puffed Spelt 10 lb

    Amish Honey Puffed Spelt is made with Amish raised certified organic spelt which, has been puffed in an old fashion cannon puffer.

    Made from whole organic puffed s... Learn More

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11-20 of 434