Little Butter Maid Mix Master

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Little Butter Maid Mix Master

Made of all USA Made Food Grade Stainless Steel! The Little Butter Maid Mix Master is a combination of a horizontal butter churn and food processor for blending of food mixes and dairy processing.
Please note the reason for such a high price. We have really struggled with offering this product because of the price. It’s just a very labor-intensive product to make. It takes the same labor as the larger electric churns because the small inside is difficult to reach into and polish the welds. We offer it because it’s a very good product that will last many generations if you can justify the price.
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Another exclusive Amish USA made product from Cottage Craft Works! Not available anywhere else online.
The Little Butter Maid Mix Master is a very compact commercial-grade multi-function mixer/churn. Made of heavy-duty 18 ga and 22 ga Stainless Steel with welded joints. 
The Little Butter Maid Mix Master is built tough for use in a commercial kitchen but sized and priced for the single-family farm and home. It will provide years of practical use for making butter as well as mixing a host other dry and wet food blends.
The Little Butter Maid Mix Master holds one gallon of cream making butter in approximately 20 minutes by hand cranking at two cranks second, approximately 120 RPM.  
Measures only 9” W X 8-1/2” D X 10-1/2” Tall, (16” wide including the crank). Inside tub measures 9” X 7”. Weighs approximately 12 lbs, one-piece construction with removable lid.
This is a very small table and countertop machine. It looks much larger in the photos.
Hand crank removes but has an Allen set screw to loosen first.
Made of all USA Made Food Grade Stainless Steel with greaseless food-grade poly bushings, it is easy to clean and maintain. The auger bar lifts up and pulls out from the crank side.
No glass jars to break like on a traditional churn plus the horizontal tub-style open-top construction allows the rinsing of the butter with cold water several times from the top to remove the leftover buttermilk residue.  
The churn is heavy enough to stay put on the countertop when cranking yet small enough to pour buttermilk residue and water out as the final churning and rinsing process continues. After a few rinses, the auger will be fairly clean, remove and pad butter into molds or pans.
The machine can easily be turned on end and submerged in a kitchen sink for washing with hot water and dish soap.
When spending money on food processing equipment it is always so nice to find something that can be used over and over in the kitchen for a variety of other projects.
Up until now, a butter churn was a one-use item. In addition, mixing batches of dry mixes meant dragging out the large bowl and large spoon to mix these items. It is always difficult to obtain uniform mixes in this manner.  
This churn/mixer is well designed and built to also mix other food products such as making cereal and granola mixes, party mixes, nut mixes, flour mixes, spice blends, vegetarian blends for meatless patties, and just about any other blend of a dry or wet mix.  
Recommend the optional mixing bar with wider spacing in the teeth for mixing large batches of meat and sausage blends. Use the drop-down boxes to add the additional meat mixer.
Sorry, The Little Butter Maid Master Mixer is not designed for bread dough or other thick and sticky food mixing.
Small and lightweight enough to easily pour dry mixes out one corner without scooping.
Unlike a kitchen mixer or blender, the slower rotating blades used in the Little Butter Maid Master Mixer allows mixing and blending without changing the overall food texture.  
Just imagine the endless combinations of making your own seasoning and baking mixes to store ahead of time for quick meal preparation. Pancake mixes, baking mixes, taco seasoning, rib and meat rubs, just to name a few.
The Little Butter Maid Master Mixer is built in small quantities and may take several weeks to ship.

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