Maple Syrup Collection Bags

Maple Syrup Collection Bags


Sold in packages of 10 bags.

Maple syrup collection bags, innovative heavy-duty maple sap bag holds 3 gallons, no hangers required or use with hangers.

Our Amish maple syrup product company has tried all types of maple sap collection bags over the years and has discovered these wine bags to be the most durable and cost-effective in the long run. No more failed bags to spoil your sap collection season.

Universal heavy plastic bags come with a reinforced spout and cap that can be modified to hang over a spile, or the corner can be clipped to use a traditional bag hanger bar slid inside the top.

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The totally enclosed bag will need to be modified for your collection system. 

Option one: Hanging without bag holder. Once modified by cutting off the spout the reinforced remaining base ring will hang over most spiles. The spout will need to be shortened to allow for the short length of the spile. Some spiles without a ridge at the top can be used with a washer to hang the ring over. (See note below on spile sizes)

Option two: Hanging the bag with a traditional bag hanger bar. By clipping off one corner to the bag the bar holder can be slid inside the top with a small hole to allow the spile to drain into the bag. The spout and cap remain in place with this collection system. Drain the bag out the same open corner. The cap is rather difficult to remove to use as a drain out.

Note: The Amish shop purchases these wine bags in large quantities. The hole size going into the bag may vary some around 1-13/16" but should be large enough to use the newer plastic spiles. You may have to twist and turn the spile in as we have pictured. The bags may also vary from a clear bag or a silver bag as pictured. Caps may also vary between a blue cap or a white cap as well. The blue cap has a thin one-way seal inside the cap that will also need to be removed, the white cap bags do not. 

Use a ratcheting PVC pipe cutting tool to cut off the spout. The head will be a bit wider, but the cutting blade will follow the grooved collar.

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