Maple Syrup-Cooker-Evaporator | Hobby-Wood-2 X 4 | 50-Tap-15-GH

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Maple Syrup-Cooker-Evaporator | Hobby-Wood-2 X 4 | 50-Tap-15-GH


Sunrise Maple Syrup Wood Fired 2 x 4 Evaporator. An excellent choice for a hobby farm maple syrup operation with up to 50 taps. Produce up to 15 gallons per hour.

Order early for the season. These popular evaporators sell out quickly

Pricing includes everything you need to get started. These are not barebone units that you must add parts as well as the fire brick. The evaporator will already come with all that and more. 
Wood-fired cookers are the best option to evenly cook and finish maple syrup.
Shipping is not included in the price.
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Sunrise 2 x 4 Hobby model features a 2 x 4 single pan with two dividers to form 3 processing compartments. The complete pan can be reversed to provide a reverse flow.

This unit will process approximately 15 gals. of sap per hour. The overall cooking surface is 1152 sq. inches.   
The capacity may be less based on the type of wood and how attentive the operator is to keep the fire burning consistently.
Compare to others on the market and discover how these Amish made evaporators stack up:
  • 20 Gauge 304 welded Stainless Steel used in the pans, most will use 22-24 Gauge, which they do not advertise.
  • 14 Gauge galvanized sheet metal used on the sides, most use thinner metal
  • Brick lined fireboxes, most will be shipped without firebrick to be added by the customer
  • Larger Firebox means less filling
  • Heavy-duty warp-free Steel fire grate, most will use a lighter steel
  • Thicker metal on the firebox for longer life.
The firebox measures 16” x 24” and has an ash access door for easy ash removal and draft control. (picture shows firebox construction before the firebrick has been added)
Ash pit is built open bottom so that it does not collect rainwater and create rust out issues. The unit will need to be placed on a solid surface such as a slab or brick pad.
Note: the picture shows the cooker with the optional pre-heating tank on the very top. This tank is not included in the price. Some will use this optional tank to store sap to fill the cooking pan. You may add the tank below using the drop-down boxes. The tank comes with a lead-free valve and stainless elbow.
Apply raw sap into evaporator pan, maintain a minimum of 2” of sap in the pan at all times.
Never cook dry!
Start the fire in the firebox maintaining a vigorous fire throughout the evaporation process.
Includes: drain valve, plug, thermometer, starter smokestack plus two 4' sections, and firebrick lining.
Add optional smokestack roof jack, with storm collar, rope pull cap, and extra 8" x 4' pipe for sugar shack set up using the drop-down boxes.
For the roof jack, we will need to know the roof pitch of the sugar shack and if the roof jack will be on one side or straddle the top of the ridge. Please leave us a message in the comment box at checkout. 
Overall weight with firebrick is 500 lbs. Ships F.O.B. on a 3 x 6 skid crated. The factory charges $100 to crate and ready for truck freight.
Shipping is not included in the price. This item will need to be shipped truck freight from Northern Indiana to a business address or a freight terminal in your city, so it is priced F.O.B.
To ship to a business address in the United States with maple trees we estimate to be $400 or less plus the $100 crate fee. You may select the shipping estimate and apply a shipping deposit. 
You may also select the F.O.B direct shipping quote and we will obtain a quote to a business address in your city. 
We will refund the difference of the shipping deposit to you of our actual shipping cost. If the actual cost is higher, we will cover the additional cost up to 10% above the shipping deposit.  
If the actual shipping cost is still above this amount, we will contact you for the additional amount or upon your request to provide a full refund before processing your order. 
We can also arrange for dock pickup at the factory if you are within driving distance to Northern Indiana. 
For shipments outside the Continental USA please select F.O.B. and we will obtain a shipping quote.
Additional pictures are of the large wood-fired syrup cooker setup to make syrup. Contact us for these commercial-sized models. 

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