Mascot Silent Cut Reel Mowers

Mascot Silent Cut Reel Mowers


Sorry, all Mascot mowers are now sold out until mid to late October.

We are now the exclusive online dealer for all Mascot Mowers and are taking orders for August-September shipments.

Mascot Deluxe Silent Cut Reel Mowers offer solid heavy-duty long-term performance far superior over other reel mowers being sold in local hardware and home improvement stores. 

The reel blades and bed-knife are patterned after the ever-popular Silent-Scotts vintage mowers. Mascot models are available in 18” or 20” sizes and come standard with 9” heavy-duty steel wheels and rubber tires. A 10” tire is also available for taller grasses.

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Six riveted tempered unique spiral heat-treated blades mounted in a 12-gauge steel frame and supported by heavy-duty bearings, brackets, and rollers. These mowers are built tough to use for decades to come. In fact, Mascot is so confident in their mowers that they carry a 5-Year limited warranty.

Mowers are shipped after being fully tested, greased, and adjusted by the Amish shop. Price begins with the 18” Mascot Silent Cut Mower and incrementally increases as the 21” and 10” tire options are added. Some will call the mowers equipped with the 9" wheels "Bent Grass Mowers" and with the 10" wheels "Upright Tall Grass Mowers"

Overall width to the outside of the tires, 18" size is 24" and the 21" size is 27", add 1-1/2" to these widths when ordering the 10" tires. 

Mascot Silent Cut Reel Mowers Feature:

  • Smooth easy push design for women and children (18" would be the best size)
  • Riveted spiral design 6 blades tempered heat-treated blades and bed-knife stays sharper longer
  • Ultra-fine thread bed-knife adjustment (factory adjusted to a paper-thin cut)
  • Self-lubricating wheel bearings
  • Heavy-duty nylon rollers with a glass-lined inner surface for longer wear patterns
  • Metal wheels with 1-3/4” thick solid rubber tires (Like they used in the 1950s and 1960s on mowers)
  • Height adjustments for the 18”- .5”-2.25” and the 21”- .5-3” with 9” tires, add 1/2” with 10” wheels
  • (The 9” wheel models work better on shorter bent grasses like Bermuda and the 10" wheels for taller grass)
  • Weight about 42 lbs. for the 18” and 55 lbs. for the 21”. Mowers will store nicely hung on a garage wall.
  • Comfortable 35” long handle adjusts to different operator heights
  • Durable baked powder coated paint
  • No Bounce 12-Ga. the frame is balanced, heavy enough to provide a manicured lawn, but still easy to push
  • Optional Mascot Universal 18”-20” grass catcher is also available.
  • 5-year warranty. Excludes damage from dropping, abuse, mowing in areas with damaging sand, rocks, glass, and debris. In general reel mowers do not do well with debris and small twigs that may lodge between the knife-bed and blades.

Which Reel Mower Is Best for Me?

We offer all three Amish-made reel mowers to provide our customers with greater selections, options, and price ranges. Too many selections sometimes create more confusion so let’s break them down for a better understanding of the pricing differences.

All three different Amish reel more companies offer heavy-duty reel push mower models that are hands down much higher in quality than the average reel mowers being sold in hardware and home improvement stores.

The Clipper Reel Mower is the Cadillac-Mercedes of reel mowers. It is all USA made by the Amish using USA made parts. The reel has riveted blades and bed-knife are higher quality US steel and are extra tempered for the longest cutting sharpness.  The Bed-Knife and spiral reels were patterned from the vintage Scotts Silent mowers. It is also the most expensive of all reel mowers. Despite the price, it is also the most popular between the Amish and Non-Amish. The Clipper is our best seller.

Mascot Silent Reel Mowers.  The Mascot Mower Company completed an ownership change in early 2021. A long-term Amish Mascot dealer purchased the company and moved it to Indiana with a renewed focus on making it the best reel mower possible placing quality ahead of cost and profit margins. He was concerned as a Mascot dealer that the previous owners were determined to compete with the big box store reel mowers thus, he could see the quality slipping to reduce cost, which, reflected in some of the reviews.

Although they still use imported parts and assembled overseas. The new owner influenced several changes to enhance the quality of the mower. Thicker steel in the cutting blades and bed knife with more spiral in the roller cage to provide more cutting surface. The new owner’s goal is to move the manufacturing back to the US. He personally inspects, sharpens, and tunes each mower before it ships to a customer. The Amish developed the Mascot from the vintage Scotts Silent mowers. Many of the parts will interchange with the old Scott mowers. It is an extremely popular mower with high satisfaction for those looking for long-term durability and performance at a mid-range price. We figured we better check them out and were pleasantly surprised with what we found. We have now been chosen to be the exclusive online dealer for Mascot Mowers.

We categorize Mascot as the Buick of reel mowers and is priced mid-range of the Amish reel mowers.

Silver Pro Reel Mower was developed by an Amish Company for a more budget-friendly option for Amish families. It uses a combination of imported parts and USA-made parts cousin to the Clipper mowers. It is fully assembled in the US, sharpened and tuned by the Amish. By some accounts, it would be considered made in the USA since many of the parts are made in the US and it is fully assembled in the US. The reel was just recently improved as shown in the newer pictures to now include riveted spiral blades like the Clipper and Mascot. It also uses imported tempered steel blades. It still features steel wheels and solid rubber tires. We categorize the Silver Pro as the Chevy of reel mowers and it’s priced accordingly. It is still much higher quality than other Non-Amish reel mowers.

Click Here to see all our Amish reel mower options.

A note on returns: Reel mowers are not for everyone as they will give you a good physical workout.

We do provide a 30-day return on our products. Realizing that no one has ever returned a reel mower and realizing if one was to be returned, to resell it to another customer, they will be expecting a discount for it being used and returned. Thus, a 25% restocking fee would need to be discounted from any refunds for a return.

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