Model 1200 Wagon Running Gear Kit

Model 1200 Wagon Running Gear Kit


Wagon running gear, 1200 lb capacity with 16" wheels. Use for hobby farm wagon, pony cart, and more.

Available with several wheel options including wooden spoke wheels!

This versatile running gear can be used on all types of wagons and pony carts. Perfect for a hit-n-miss ice cream wagon to building a miniature covered wagon.

G1200FW Complete Wagon Running Gear Kit features standard large 16" x 400-8 Pneumatic Tires Load Capacity 1200 lbs. You may select the optional 16" all metal wheels, flat free solid rubber tires or wooden spoke wheels using the drop down boxes below.  


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Wheel options will add to the base price of the wagon gear equipped with the standard air tires. Metal wheels will come primed, wooden spoke wheels will come unfinished. Metal wheels are 16" x 4" wide, wooden wheels are 16" x 1" wide.

An option of automobile style (AS) steering (fixed axle with tie rods to wheels) or fifth wheel (FW) steering where the complete axle and wheels turn on a kingpin (pictured). Weight  62 lbs. Comes painted red.

This is the running gear used to build the 35" X 60" pony cart shown in the picture or build your own garden wagon design.

Overall length is approximately 59" from the front to the back wheelbase. (The wheels extend past the actual frame front and back about 1/2 of the wheel size)

Optional 12" extender bar available, extends the length of the wagon frame 12"

The wheel width measures 34" wide to the outside and 26" inside using the standard air rubber tires for narrow barn doors.

The welded brackets for the main beam supports are 16" wide. The frame is made with 1-1/2" x 1/8" square tubing. The two sections connect with 3/4" tubing. The load weight and pulling strength is then supported by the main beams.

Priced without a tongue. Add tongue options using the drop-down boxes. Select a tractor or hand pull tongue to use on the automobile style steering or single miniature pony shaft or miniature team set with neck yoke and double tree to use on the fifth wheel. Miniature shafts are made for up to a 40" pony and will only fit the automobile style steering option (AS) option.

You will need to supply a wooden tongue for the team set. If you select the fifth wheel (FW) model for a miniature team you will also need to select the miniature team set & FW adapter that will span across the front axle.

Please note: the single miniature pony shaft will be collapsible for UPS shipping. It measures 71" long, (52" to the double tree) and 21" wide. It will also only fit the auto steer option.

We can also send a larger breed shaft in a kit with the pipe cut ready to weld and paint. This shaft will measure 91" X 24" and also requires the auto steer option. Please e-mail us for shipping.
We also offer a goat shaft.
Make selections using the drop-down boxes.
Recommend purchasing Optional Band Brakes if to be used as a pony cart.



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