New Idea 10-8 Spreader Conveyor Parts

New Idea 10-8 Spreader Conveyor Parts


Replacement New Idea Spreader Feed Shaft, Conveyor & Lever Parts for vintage New Idea #10, and #8 Manure Spreaders. The parts diagram is for the New Idea #10, but most parts were interchangeable unless noted specifically to one model.

Priced a la carte, using the drop-down boxes. Select the parts needed and the prices will incrementally add for each part(s) selected. To select more than one part in the same drop-down box, select one to add to cart, and then select continue shopping to add more parts. To deselect click on the "Please Select" again.

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It would be data prohibitive to list each individual part with shipping. Therefore, shipping & handling is based on an average purchase of a few parts. We do charge a minimum $12 flat base rate on all items regardless of the size. This is to cover the cost to process, pack, drop-ship, and actual shipping charges.

Additional shipping may be required for larger orders. We will let you know if additional shipping will be needed. If you checkout using PayPal we can send you an invoice if needed. Otherwise, we will also need to have credit card information as our system does not store it with the order.

Since parts ship directly from an Amish owned business without computers, please expect some orders to take up to two weeks for the order to reach the Amish shop, have shipping verified, additional shipping collected, before it will ship.

Available New Idea No. 10-10A Conveyor & Feed Lever parts based on original part numbers. 

Lever Slide Casting EZ, L-296

Short Retention Pawl L302

Long Retention Pawl L304

Single Set Collar EZ, L-306

Conveyor Guide EZ, L-307

Collar L308

Roller L324

Retention Pawl Support EZ, L-338A

4-Tooth Conveyor Tightener Sprocket L344

5-Tooth Conveyor Shaft Sprocket L347

Ratchet Wheel L383

R.H. Feed Bearing L469

L.H. Feed Bearing L470

Angle Feed Bearing L498

Angel Feed Bearing Plate 926S

Feed Arm Assembly L508

PAWL Feed Arm ¼” x 1-1/4” flat x 5-3/4” long 311SA

Slide B381SA

Web Bar Only 1-3/8” angle, 30-1/8” long EZ, A485

Web Bar Complete with links, 1-3/8” x 1-5/32” angle, 34-1/2” long EZ, A485-S

Shaft 1-1/16” X 44-5/8” Long EZ, 878-S

Bushing 9/16” O.D. x 3/8” Long EZ, 920-S

Feed Rod ¾” x 3/8” x 18” Channel 117-3/4” Long EZ, 1151-SA

Feed Rod Guide 1/8” x 3” flat x 2-3/16” long EZ, 1152-S

Pipe Nipple bent 1/8” I.D. x 8” long EZ, 1245-S

Pipe Nipple Bracket EZ, 1246-S

Feed Lever 5/16” x 1-1/4” flat x 26-3/4” Long EZ, 1264-D

Feed Lever Latch K1507

Feed Lever Wire 3/16” x 6-1/2” long EZ 1553-S

Feed Lever Complete with latch, slide and spring EZ, 1264-SA

Feed Lever Sector 5/16” x 1-1/4” flat x 19-5/8” long EZ-1265-S

Feed Lever Bracket 3/16” x 4-3/4” flat x 2-5/8” long EZ, 1266-S

L.H. Conveyor & Tightener 1378SA

R.H. Conveyor & Tightener 1377SA

Feed Roller Stud EZ, 1500-S

Compression Spring 1-1/8” O.D., 7-1/6” long 3 coils EZ, 1508-S

Compression Spring 11/16” x 1-9/16” x 2-1/2” long 7-3/4 coils EZ, 1510-S

Ratchet Arm Extension Spring 1513

Feed Pawl Extension Spring 1514

Feed Pawl Stud 7-8” Dia. x 2-3/4” long EZ, 1556-S

Feed Pawl Spacer 1-1/4” Dia. x 7-16” thick EZ, 1585-S

Conveyor Chain Complete with No. 67H steel chain

Our Amish companies have been making replacement parts since 1950 for what many consider antique or junk farm machinery today.  In the late 1800s and early 1900s, just about every farm used the same farm equipment providing ample outlets for replacement parts.  As most farmers modernized through the 1900s the Amish still depended on the horse-drawn equipment as many still do today.

Since this equipment is no longer being manufactured and dealers are no longer stocking parts it becomes difficult to keep this old vintage farm machinery operational. Both Amish and vintage farm machinery implement enthusiast scour junkyards, farms, and tree lines in search of these long-abandoned implements for restoration.

Cottage Craft travels deep into the back roads to find Amish companies who are still making the replacement parts to maintain and restore this old-time horse-drawn farm machinery.

Click Here to see all the vintage New Idea spreader replacement parts available.

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