Amish Wind Chimes

Amish made wind chimes are built to last using hangers and strikers made from poly lumber and nylon strings.

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  1. Amish Wind Chimes | Biblical Bells Series

    Biblical Bells Textured Copper- These bells provide deep resounding tones. They encourage deep thought about the resounding instruments of the Bible.

    Biblical Bell... Learn More

  2. Amish Wind Chimes | Bronze Series

    From the sounds of an ocean breeze and a mountain serenade to the rich tones of a grandfather clock, you will fall in love with these chimes.

    The Bronze Series pro... Learn More

  3. Amish Wind Chimes | Evergreen Series

    If you like summer rain, the outdoor and camping, then these chimes are for you.

     Evergreen Series features four different chimes using 1" tube. <... Learn More

  4. Amish Wind Chimes | Twilight Series

    The Twilight Series provides three different wonderful sounding chimes using 2” tubes. 

    • The Aqua Tune is 51" long
    • Learn More
  5. Amish Wind Chimes | Ultimate Series

    The Ultimate Series is a Terra color. Big Ben creates a deep resonating tone while the Hummer chime is a favorite of many.

    The Ultimate Series provides four d... Learn More

  6. Chime Engravings

    Chime Engravings

    Customize your chime or give it as a gift to celebrate an event, a retirement, or in memory of a loved one.

    Learn More

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6 Item(s)