Portable Equine Express Oat Crimper | Oat Roller

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Portable Equine Express Oat Crimper | Oat Roller


Small hand crank oat crimper provides enough supplemented crimped oats for one or two horses.

Remove the handle and use with an electric drill.
Easy to adjust rollers, simply loosen 2 thumb screws, adjust the gap and tighten screws.
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This may be the perfect solution for the small hobby horse ranch owner that wants to save on supplemental feed cost while improving the nutrition and digestive systems for one or two horses without spending a lot of money. If you have more then a couple of horses and or you want to serve more than just a supplement feeding, then this crimper may be too small as a primary crimper.

Some have purchased this small hand crank version in order to save money when they actually needed a larger crimper to feed several horses. They ended up coming back to purchase the electric model after they realized the time and effort it took to hand crimp oats or to even use it with an electric drill for several horses.

Even with the electric crimpers, this hand crank one is still very portable to carry on the trailer for horse shows and events away from the ranch.

Users have reported anywhere from 25% up to 30% savings on feed cost by converting to crimped oats.
Just Google the benefits of crimped oats to compare for yourself;
  1. Easier to digest.
  2. Easier for older horses with bad teeth.
  3. Makes nutrients more available.
  4. Improves condition and performance.
  5. Fresh stable side crimped oats helps preserve nutrition.

Features include;
  1. Easy to use even for child chores.
  2. Lightweight and portable to sit on a 5 GL bucket.
  3. All-aluminum rust-free materials.
  4. 8-1/2” x 8-1/2” hopper holds approx 7 lbs of oats.
  5. Hardened Adjustable Rollers.
  6. Adaptable to an electric drill.
  7. Comes with a metal mounting plate to use on a 5-gallon bucket. 
Overall this crimper will do a good job of cracking open the outer shell which provides many of the same benefits of machine-rolled oats. It, however, does not have the same crushing power to flatten the oats completely to look like the human version of rolled oats. (See example picture of crimped oats)
We do have a larger electric motor crimper, Click Here for more information.

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